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Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes With The Lap Band Patient Diet

May 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Business

What do lap band patients eat?

An entire lifestyle change is one part of having lap band surgery. While there will be positive and remarkable changes occur to the physical being, there are also some major changes made in the mental psyche as well. The first step taken in getting the body ready for this surgical procedure is an increase in exercise and physical activity.

Starting an exercise program should be done slowly and gradually. Once patients have gotten used to the routine they are doing as a workout, they should begin to include into their routines every day. The sedentary lifestyle will need to come to a halt.

Diet changes are a huge part of the preparation for this surgical procedure as well. Sticking to the diet outlined is vital in the success of the surgery. The new diet will also become an intricate part of a patients daily intake of calories post surgery.

Checking Out The Pre Surgery Diet Plans

In the few months before the surgical procedure, patients should take steps to begin cutting the portions of food they eat into much smaller ones than usual. This is going to help a lot in getting used to this type of light diet after the procedure is over.

The doctor will devise a diet program for you to follow that will be essential to the operations success. Following the diet is crucial in that it will shrink the liver which in turn will minimize blood loss and prevent muscle degeneration. This sensible meal plan usually reduces caloric intake to 800 to 1200 while cutting high fat content foods. There will most likely be a concentration on proteins rich edibles as well.

A liquid diet is then prescribed for the remaining two weeks before the operation.

Patients that smoke cigarettes will need to plan on quitting. Those patients that drink soda should know that carbonated drinks are not permitted. Exercise should also be increased as well.

The Post Surgery Diet Is Important

Getting back to a normal diet will take up to six weeks. The first day immediately after the surgery, patients are only allowed to to suck on ice chips. The reason for these diet restrictions is due to the prevention of vomiting and nausea and are usually taken in four steps.

Two weeks after the the first day will require patients to remain on a diet that is made up of only clear and thin liquids like broth. No chunks, even the smallest ones, of food are permitted to avoid regurgitation. This could cause damage to the surgical site and to the placement of the band as well. Any dairy products, sugary and caloric beverages are not allowed.

When the doctor gives the go ahead, a patient often graduates to pureed foods that are prepared in a blender. The types of food one can puree can be discussed with your doctor. In terms of consistency, one can say the foods are akin to baby foods.

Directly following this is the introduction of foods like chicken or turkey. Portions have to be small and the patient has to thoroughly chew their meals or risk complications with their lap band due to sudden regurgitation. Vomiting can create major problems that could threaten the success of your surgery.

Avoid drinking liquids before and during a meal to be able to feel full. Doing so will cause you to still be hungry and that wastes the whole reason for having the placement of the lap band. This diet can start out with light meats like turkey or chicken.

Remaining diligent about the diet is the way to a successful surgical outcome. Being able to eat regular meals will come, but being able to reduce them and stick to the new lifestyle changes is the biggest part of positive weight loss through having a lap band.

Long term diet

Patients will be able to resume their normal lifestyle but with a few healthy changes. Foods will always need to be thoroughly chewed up and drinks are not permitted during and directly after meals. Some foods will always need to be avoided like popcorn, nuts, and asparagus. Those foods high in calories and carbonated sugar drinks will always be off limits as well.

Getting lap band surgery is not only a physical adjustment but a mental one as well, but once you begin eating healthy well balanced diets, you probably won’t even desire to partake in high caloric eating again. This makes lap band surgery rewarding on many levels.

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