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Low Carb Fast Food: Is It The Real Deal?

July 21, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Diets, Health & Fitness

When a person is thinking about dieting for weight loss, they’re always being told to stay away from fast food. This is really some good advice, as it’s definitely not good to try to diet and still eat fast food. It’s just too full of calories and carbs, and a lot of the foods that these restaurants serve can quickly destroy a person’s diet.

But, what if you’re out and you’re really hungry? Do you completely just forego your low carb diet plan? No, as there are some foods that won’t make you cheat on your diet. There really is such a thing as low carb fast food.

Grilled Sandwiches and Salads

Even at many fast food restaurants, you’ll find that they have some good options for low-carb diets eating. They have a grilled chicken sandwich that is only 2 grams of carbohydrate per patty (just pitch the bun). While they are assuredly loaded with things that aren’t great for any diet, they can really work out in a pinch. The restaurants also have salads that will help, and they’re a preferred choice since it will enable you to get the proper vegetables that you need in a day. Their salads are actually a bit more nutritional than a lot of the other restaurants, and that’s saying a lot, as these types of companies are routinely considered to be the reason why there are so many people who are overweight.

Obviously, you need to stay away from the chicken nuggets, fries and shakes, but you certainly can occasionally indulge in a good old fashioned hamburger – again, throw the bun. Ask for extra lettuce and use it as a wrap. Or just ask for a knife and fork. Most fast food restaurants will supply these, and it works a lot easier to cut your burger than try to pick it up without the bun. It’s no fun when the pickle slides off into your lap!

Other Restaurant Choices

There are also lots of other restaurants where you can dine out and order from the “lean menu.” Even though there will be tempting dishes available, you’ll want to ensure that you stick to the aspect of the menu that is geared for those looking to lose weight or at least maintain their current figure. If by chance you do not see any options on the menu for a low carb diet plan, then you can inquire about having a custom meal prepared based on one of the available dishes, but with less processed carbs. A few restaurants are even getting on the band wagon and offering dishes like grilled shrimp on “faux pasta” (using squash substitutes.) It doesn’t hurt to inquire about such options while dining out.

We should say that all of these things should be eaten sparingly, but they don’t really break any low carb diets. It’s very important that you primarily cook at home. This will ensure you’ll have more control over the calories you intake. By all means, you should stay disciplined and focused, and not be overtaken with the temptation to cheat your diet.

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