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Which is Best: Live Music Or A DJ?

July 10, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Music

If you want your party to be the talk of the town this season, what are the things that you would do? Let me guess. You would try and arrange for the best venue, get the best caterers and arrange for an out of the box decor along with, of course, a glittering guest list.

Is there something else you may have missed? The answer is – a live music band. Instead of a DJ churning out pre-recorded music, get yourself a live music band to perform in your party. You will see, it will be one party that your guests would remember forever.

When you hire a live band for your party, the atmosphere turns electric. This is how you want your party to be! The music may make your guests party animals and they might even spend the whole night on the dance floor.

Good live music can turn people ecstatic and it makes the party a huge success and a truly memorable one.

Irrespective of the party one is hosting, live music works well for everyone. Be it a celebration for promotion or childbirth, your wedding or your kid’s birthday, live music is definitely the way to go. It is enough to make any event successful.

If you have a specific function like a wedding or a birthday, there are professional bands which specialize in these events. These are called function bands.

Other categories include the tribute band which plays songs of a legendary musician or group, music genre bands which play music of a particular genre, say rock or pop, and the decade band which specializes in music from a particular decade, e.g. the ’60s.

Since people’s tastes are different, parties are also different. But, if you want your party to be a cut above the rest and have a uniqueness to it, then creatively planning out the entire event is essential.

The best way to do is to select a theme first. Think a little out of the box and come with an interesting theme. Even if it’s the usual old theme such as Halloween, you can always be creative in the way you plan your party around it. Use themed decor, food and drinks that go with your theme. One might also have a particular themed dress code for the guests. But what would really make your theme come alive is your live music band churning out just the right songs.

Hire a music band keeping in mind the theme of your party. For example, if the theme of your party is Latino, then you have to hire a band that is good with Latino songs. Thus, you will have Mexican decors and a sumptuous Mexican spread, dancing to the tunes of Shakira, Ricky Martin or Carlos Santana.

Watch your party become a fantastic success as the guests pile on to the dance floor in their Mexican hats.

In case it’s a reunion party that you are organizing, be sure to hire tribute bands or decade bands which will make your party a success by churning out songs from your favorite era or your favorite legendary musician.

In that case the evening will be nostalgic with old friends hearing old songs by Pink Floyd or Beatles, making it extra special and truly memorable for the guests.

The thing left to do now is to select the right band for your party. To begin with, you can use the yellow pages or internet to do your basic search. In the case of net sources, be sure to check out the official fan pages, fan reviews and performance clippings of the band.

A better idea would be to go for references from friends and relatives who have heard them perform.

In case you want to outsource the entire responsibility, then getting hold of a local event management company to hire a band for you is a good idea. Whichever way you go, hire your music band only after you have interviewed them, otherwise there is always a chance of landing up with an unprofessional band.

You can also call the bands and then listen to their suggestions. You will know what you want, but be open to other ideas as well.

Make sure that you check whether they can play audience’s requests, which will straightaway make your party a huge hit.

Make sure you check with the venue to ensure they have a performing license which allows them to have live bands. You do not want to find out on the night that they don’t.

When everything has been double-checked relax! This is going to be an absolutely amazing party!

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