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Lethbridge Lawyers

July 13, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Legal

Not all lawyers are contemptible, like how they are portrayed in television or given reference in jokes. A Lethbridge woman, for example, like most other lawyers do what she knows best in order to live a decent life. There are days when she does brood over not having chosen a simpler life, but most of the time she is just satisfied with how she lives now.

Since 1985, she has been a lawyer and she has been practicing it together with fellow women lawyers in Lethbridge. Unfortunately, even when more women are graduating from Canadian universities with degrees in law, that mythical ring of gold isn’t so easy to achieve. Law firms hire more men than women.

Male lawyers are lucky enough not to have to worry about one more thing that females have to. According to her, this aspect involves a conscious decision about the quality of life, marriage and having children. She respects female lawyers who could pull off this double life. Leading a double life isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Law profession has drawbacks in terms of income, which affects both women and men. So many young people go to school with the expectation of quite a good life at the end. However, the student loan that needs to be paid is a huge elephant in the room, and it’s not even easy to get a job.

As a result, the law profession became less and less civil. Additionally, the mentoring and training system diminished long ago. To become a part of the Law Society one needs seven years spent at the university and four years as a law firm intern.

In addition, she also said that in Lethbridge she noticed the large number of women working as criminal defense attorneys, but this would have never been possible twenty years ago. According to her conclusion, the main reason why a lot of lawyers are attracted to this place is because they could practice law while seeing their children grow surrounded by a good environment. To return the favor to the public, many lawyers decided to volunteer for boards and committees.

In order to own a part of the profits, lawyers working for big law firms give up their monthly income. However, the quickest way to make big money out of it is only through sacrificing time with family and outside interest: which would all be tradeoffs for the money. This misconception about lawyers’ fees is because of people randomly throwing criticism without actually knowing anything about dealing with professionals.

Everyone usually have dental plans and health care. They are not used to paying engineers, architects, or even school fees. It’s easy to say they don’t pay fees.

The lawyer actively participates in the Lawyers Referral Program and shares her knowledge with public talks with the local community college legal education program. Application for legal aid is available for anyone with civil or criminal case.

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