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Learning The Basics Of Remote Viewing

July 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Whether you know it or not, you have the ability to use remote viewing. This is a psychic ability which is latent in every human being and lets you to see places and things, even people who you would be unable to perceive with the five senses. Learning to use remote viewing lets you get a visual of anywhere you want to see, no matter how distant.

Remote viewing is not the same thing as an out-of-body experience. Out-of-body experience is called astral traveling and it’s the act of your ethereal essence, or your spirit leaving your body and traveling to a place away from where your physical body is.

You can think of remote viewing as a sort of dowsing where your psychic abilities are used to find what you want to look for. Remote viewing involves using extra sensory perception to find and view what you’re looking for.

All humans have a form of latent psychic ability that was never developed fully when we were young. Considering that most of us only ever use around 10% of our brain’s capacity, there’s another 90% of dormant brainpower left untapped and untrained that we aren’t quite sure what to do with.

For instance, think of how comforted you would be to check in on your kids when they are away. This kind of security and peace of mind is just one of the benefits that you can get when you are looking at remote viewing

Remote viewing differs from other types of psychic ability because anybody can learn how to become a remote viewer. In fact, studies show that many so-called ‘non-psychic’ people have indeed demonstrated an ability to perform remote viewing once they’ve been put into a ‘trancelike’ state; once there, they could indeed produce results from remote viewing that were highly accurate.

Here are some simple remote viewing techniques you can try on your own:

*Sit in a comfortable chair where you’re not going to be disturbed and close your eyes. Make sure it’s quiet and that you have no distractions before you get started.

*Through your nose, breathe deeply, relaxing as you do so. It may be easier to control your breathing if you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth lightly. This will also help keep you from the natural propensity to yawn as you do this.

*Remember that you need to believe in yourself and that you need to realize that you are capable of seeing things that you do not perceive through your conventional five senses. This can be tough, but stick with it.

*Begin with an easy subject for your first attempts at remote viewing. Try to see yourself sitting right where you are as if you were standing in front of yourself a few feet away. It can be challenging to see yourself at first; we’re not used to seeing ourselves except in a mirror. Just stay focused and be patient and soon you’ll be able to see yourself from an entirely new perspective.

*If you’re able to control the remote viewing of you sitting in position, try ranging your mind a little further a-field and view something that you know well. A family member’s house is perfect for this. Try to notice any items that might look out of place, such as dishes on the sink or clothing hanging on the line. Then when you’re done with your exercise, call that person and verify what you saw. This verification is important as it allows you to reinforce your own capacity to your own mind.

You can also change these remote-viewing exercises so that you can get feedback much more quickly. Have a friend or family member sit in another room of your home, out of your line of sight. Ask him or her to repeat some simple motion, such as waving a hand, twirling a strand of hair, etc. sit quietly and use remote viewing to see if you can see the action being performed. When it’s done, ask whether or not your results were correct.

Once you have spent some time practicing your remote viewing techniques you may find that it’s much easier and quicker to get yourself into a relaxed state. This state is very similar to the trance-like relaxation people achieve under hypnosis. Even though they are still wide awake, the body is relaxed enough to access the sub-conscious mind.

The truth of the matter is that it is much easier to get messages from your sub-conscious than you might think; consider how the remote viewing techniques might help you!

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