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Learn Remote Viewing Training

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Remote viewing is actually a psychic ability, and it lets you see people, places and objects not within your normal realm of five senses.

This essentially means that you will not be able to see these things naturally, using your own sense organs. Rather, your innate psychic ability which can be trained to do such things would let you view these remotely without even being physically present in the spot.

Remote viewing mustn’t be confused with out of body experiences such as astral travel. While the former is about remotely viewing something, the latter is about leaving your physical body and traveling in spirit to a different place.

By contrast, remote viewing is really a form of what’s called ‘psychic dowsing,’ and when you engage in psychic dowsing, you’re using psychic power to seek out what you want to find. You’re basically using a form of ESP to find what you want to find, in other words, when you use remote viewing.

Psychic abilities are innate in all human beings and lie dormant in the 90% of the brain capacity that we never use or rather have never learnt to use since our childhoods. This part lies untouched and unexplored for us.

Imagine yourself perceiving that you children and family a thousand miles away are fine and healthy. Can you imagine the amount of peace of mind or a sense of security that this can give to us?

What’s different about remote viewing as opposed to other forms of psychic ability? In fact, anyone can learn how to do this. Even so-called ‘non-psychic’ people, too, can enter a trancelike state that will allow them to tap into this little used skill with a high level of accuracy.

Try these simple remote viewing training techniques for yourself:

1. Arrange for a quiet place with minimum chances of distractions and sit closing your eyes.

2. Breathe in deeply through your nose and relax. Press your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth. This will let you control your breathing and keep yourself from yawning.

3. The key element to your success while remote viewing is believing in it. As you fall deeper into the state of relaxation, you will need to believe that you can see people, places or events where you have never been physically.

4. Your training with remote viewing begins with a simple target. This is to show you that your mind is capable of achieving this form of psychic ability. Start by viewing yourself at a place in front of you, looking at yourself in your relaxed state from the back. As if looking in a mirror. It may be difficult at first, but allow your mind to view yourself from the opposite perspective and be patient. When your able to see yourself in that perspective, as others see you. You will be in for a big surprise.

5. Once the needed mental control has been mastered so that you can view yourself from a remote viewing, cast your remote viewing eye wider. Observe a familiar location. Perhaps a family member or parents home. This will suffice during the training of your mind. Notice things out of place. Small things. Things like a magazine on a table, dishes on the sink in the kitchen. This reinforces what you have seen and is important and will show you what the mind is capable of achieving.

You can change around these remote viewing practice times to involve two people, so that you will each have some objective measure of your actions much sooner.

Instead of viewing places or people you want to see, have a friend sit in another room and repeat a simple movement, like a hand wave or pulling hair. Try to determine through your remote viewing exercises what action your friend is repeating and compare notes to get your results.

You may find that it is both quicker and easier to fall into a relaxed state once you have been spending time practicing your remote viewing training techniques.

When the mind is in a trance, its state is similar to the condition that is attained through hypnosis. In this case, the body is in a state of deep relaxation while the mind is awake which accesses the subconscious part if it.

Our psychic abilities are much more easily accessible via the sub-conscious, so the more you practice your remote viewing training techniques, the better you’ll become.

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