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Landscaping Suggestions For Obtaining Exceptional Results

July 21, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Gardening

It is a clearly documented truth but most homeowners are fully unaware of. That’s that of all places to sink your funds in a home you’re upgrading, it’s the landscaping in which you are going to see the greatest return on your investment. Now this is if you ever follow a set of general rules that lead to nicely laid out, professional looking, final outcome.

So first things first and that could be a method that includes a high quality micro-drip irrigation solution.  Now don’t make the mistake of landscaping any region of the yard that does not involve irrigation, unless you live in a wet climate that gets year round rain. Make the mistake of doing so, and you will see minimal growth, as well as plants that slowly wither away and die.

Still one additional item that far too many do it yourselfers make the mistake of skipping over, is soil conditioning. What they fail to understand, is that when a lot is scraped and graded all of the leading soil is typically scooped up and hauled away. So make sure to work some redwood shavings into the soil you intend on planting in, or even better yet, you are able to use peat moss which is really a little extra expensive.

Then one more factor to know, is that soil acidity can have a huge impact on how well your plants grow. Evergreens and ferns for instance prefer soil that’s slightly acidic, whereas fruit trees and grasses tend to do much better in non acidic soil. So pick up a soil ph test kit at your nearby nursery and discover how you can use it. Then use typical lawn lime to adjust your ph up, and acidic fertilizer to bring it down.

Massive landscape boulders can accent your yard nicely, and it only takes several of them to do the trick. Now the great news here is that more masonry supply yards are carrying them, so you possibly do not have to look too far to locate them within your region. Do be aware however that really big boulders can cost you hundreds of dollars each, depending on how “interesting” they look.

Now water features are constantly in style, and they are able to add a pleasant “sound and smell” to your completed project. Do be aware though that small ponds call for routine upkeep to help keep them from going stagnant, and they could also leak. So one new fantastic line of items that’s worth checking out, is trouble free ready made rock waterfalls that you just fill up and plug in.

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