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Is Your Health Affected By Thinking Positively?

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Whether it’s not being as strong as they once were, or simply not feeling good, these thoughts preoccupy a lot of folks. It is clear therefore, that you can have an outlook that is not healthy and the question is whether you can actually feel healthier if you can modify this. Below we’ll look at some situations in which positive thinking has been proven to improve health.

The association between mental and physical health is very obvious when looking at those who suffer from depression. Depression is a sensitive topic as several individuals claim it is caused by a physical condition, while others are prepared to look into psychological solutions. It’s advisable to include the unconscious mind in any treatment as most conditions cannot be worked out by simply “changing your mind.” From time to time, it may just need some sort of rational thinking to put a situation into perspective, as many of the things we are worried about never turn out to be as bad as imagined. The subconscious mind is likely more powerful and this is where a lot of our beliefs are shaped even if we are unaware of this. For long-term change at the unconscious level, hypnotherapy is the most effective method to utilize.

Among the most telling arguments for the effect of our thoughts on our physical health is what is known as “the placebo effect.” The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon of a sugar pill producing a curative effect in a test subject because the subject is assured the placebo is really a medicine. The placebo effect shows how potently the mind can affect the body to enable faster healing of injuries and sicknesses. You can also use the power of your mind to assist you in accomplishing your fitness and exercise goals. Until Roger Bannister ran a mile in less than four minutes, it was thought to be an unachievable feat for man. Nonetheless, after this event, a lot of athletes began to also run the mile in less than four minutes.

Let’s look at one more example of how positive thinking influences the aging process. A lot of people focus their thoughts, and their conversations, on what they consider to be the inevitable effects of getting older: pains and limitations. Nonetheless, the knowledge we now have in the field of longevity shows that you can reverse these effects and lead a very active life into your later years. Those who have a habitually negative mentality will not believe it’s possible to improve their attitudes, and their health, as they mature.

Now that you are aware that your attitude can bring you good health, it’s up to you to take advantage of this information and set your intention to think positive thoughts whenever you remember.

For other detailed advice on weight loss and physical fitness please feel free to browse an article on Positive Attitude or check out Positive Thoughts to view hundreds of informational and heart healthy articles on muscle building and fitness.

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