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IPL Hair removal versus Laser removal

July 20, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

Most people today use IPL and laser methods of removing unwanted hair from their body. This is because both of them releases light power which in turn removes the unwanted hair from the body. Permanent removal of hair from the body is done using such means leads to varying cost and side effects resulting from either procedures. Due to these differences, it is always advisable for one to understand the similarities and differences of these methods by consulting a dermatologist. This enables one to make correct decisions when determining which are the best method for their skin type and budget.

IPL hair removal
IPL is the short form of Intense Pulse Light. IPL hair removal involves use of a wand by a specialist which centers a wide spectrum ray of light on the hair. This light dries up the moisture in the hair and as the hair dries up, it burns up and dies. IPL treatment accomplishes this because it stuns the root of the hair causing the blood flowing to the hair to stop thus the welding follicle is shut. This then prevents the hair from growing thus effectively removing the hair from that area.

For the hair to be completely removed from the target area, you need to undergo several treatments. But use of IPL has its side effects as it uses a wide spectrum of light. Treatment can cause mild discomfort and in rare instances, burns similar to sun burns and some bruising. Also, IPL hair removal is not an effective method to people who have light hair colour because this type of hair does not easily absorb the light from the wand, as compared to dark hair.

Laser hair removal

Permanent removal of hair from the body using laser treatment is very different from IPL hair removal. This is because it uses a single wavelength of light as compared to wide spectrum that is used in the IPL treatments. The other difference is that the single wavelength of light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle and not the rest of the skin, after which the area that causes the growth of the hair is burned preventing future growth of the hair from the targeted area. But as like in IPL hair treatment, you need to undergo several treatments so as to achieve a complete loss of hair using the laser treatments.

Laser treatment uses single a wavelength of light thus reducing the side effects although its use allows the hair to grow back faster. The hair grows back because only the follicle is burned but the blood is not shut off, as is the case in IPL hair removal procedures.

The risks of laser treatment may be reduced but it also has its own disadvantages. Pain, swelling and redness is common in most laser hair removal patients and can be easily treated with some topical treatment. However, more serious (and permanent) side effects include skin discoloration, burns and possible scarring. Like in IPL hair removal, laser treatment only works well on dark hair than in lighter skin.

IPL is a newer, less-expensive and more effective technology, which has a better chance of permanently reducing body hair. Hair can grow back with IPL treatments, but the hairs are often very fine and very few. If body hair is really a bother to you (whether in your professional or personal life) you may want to check out IPL as an alternative to temporary methods of hair removal.

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