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Informational Tips About R4i Cards For Nintendo DS Console

July 20, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Gaming

Most people do have lot of queries in their minds regarding the R4 cards. Some of them are answered below:

-What is R4?

R4i card can be called as a booting device that can surpass the DS firmware and allow you to play various homebrew games that are available on the internet as a freeware. An R4 is similar in size to that of a standard DS ROM with Micro SD compatibility. The R4i also supports up to a 32 MB micro SD card.

-How is a Slot- 1 device (R4) different from a Slot- 2 device?

The Slot- 1 devices easily fit into the normal ROMK slot inside the DS where as the Slot- 2 devices are the ones that are designed to plug into the GBS slot on the DS.

-What are the most popular Slot- 1 cards?

The most popular slot-1 cards in the market are the M3DS real and the R4 revolution.

-Which is the most genuine R4- card?

As such there is no genuine product of the R4i card. They ca be judged based on the adapter’s quality and not if they are fake or genuine. This is because the R4i are non patented products. These R4i cards are available from different manufacturers in the market. So it will be better to go for the R4i card that is compatible with your cartridge. You can also look at the memory amount and the performance of the cards to decide which one you would opt for.

-Is the R4 compatible with the latest DSi?

The R4i cards released recently from the R4 makers are compatible with DSi. But the R4 cards do not work on the latest DSi.

-What is the difference between a black and a white R4?

Both the R4i serve the same purpose. The only difference between the two is the software required. You should be very cautious of which software to download for the R4i card you possess and what websites to browse for them. If you have downloaded the wrong software, your Ds screen will clearly display a sign on the top right that looks like a memory card with a menu icon.
Does an R4 support HC cards?

All the new R4i cards released currently do support the high capacity micro SD memory.

For more expert tips and information about R4i card visit our website that will help you to understand all you need to know about r4 cards for your Nintendo DS.

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