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Increase your pagerank with the help of this scrapebox guide

July 2, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Broadband Internet

It is not uncommon for webmasters and SEO professionals to have varying opinions on how a website can get ranked quicker or even much higher in SERP or search engine results. There are many factors that play a role in the process such as the content, age of the site, freshness, links, speed, validation and quality. One thing that all of them seem to agree on is that quality backlinks are needed to increase Google page rank. Getting these backlinks is extremely easy through tricks like using software utilities. One of the most famous backlink building software is known as Scrapebox.
To be honest, it is more of a spamming tool, but rest-assured that it works and can be used for many purposes apart from spamming. This software is extremely intelligent and is updated on a regular basis. At first, the interface might seem a little daunting, but rest-assured it is very user-friendly. Oriented to the working of the software, the design is divided into panels. The panels at the top left have:
1. Harvesting – This shows scrapebox lists of blogs that are related to your niche.
2. Management of the harvested URL’s.
3. Further management.
On the bottom-left, the panel has:
4. Management of search engines and proxies.
5. Known as the action panel, it shows posting comments, pinging and other management actions.
Understanding what needs to be done is really not all that hard. You need to get started by looking up a scrapebox proxy. These proxies are required to make Google believe that it is receiving queries from different IP’s. If you want to open the Proxies Harvester window to lookup and confirm multiple proxies, than just click on manage proxies.
You can purchase quality proxies online, but it is best to use the ones found by this software. Once the proxies are verified, they are transferred to the main window for you to select the search engine you are interested in using as well as the time period of the results returned. After successful completion of the first operation, you get to place keyword and footprint search options on the first panel. To clear things out, imagine wanting to post on WordPress blogs that are related to a particular niche. What you need to do is right-click and paste the keywords in the panel. You then choose WordPress and press the Start Harvesting button. The software would display an entire list of WordPress blogs related to the niche that you have. The software is extremely fast and does not take long at all to find a substantial list of URL’s. This list is automatically loaded into the second panel.
There are quite a few things that can be done to the URL’s that you have found in the second panel. You can compare the list with previous ones,save and export it and check the quality of the sites. This makes it possible for you to keep URL’s that have a particular page rank only. This enables you to harvest high quality links. The best part is that this software allows you to acquire email addresses from the sites. The default browser as well as the internal proxied one both can be used. Just suppose you found an extremely high quality link on which you can comment, you should post manual comments through the internal browser.
Backlinking is extremely important to increase the ranking of a website and you ought to use scrapebox lists for it.

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