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Improve The Security Of Your Data With A Metal Laptop Briefcase

July 4, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Hardware

Many people carry sensitive information around in their laptop computers. Your calendar has important dates, your address book has contact and personal information about family and colleagues, and many people even store passwords and account numbers on their hard drive. Even without the very expensive risk of identity theft, it would be very difficult and time consuming to have to recreate all of that information if something were to happen to your computer. That is where a hard laptop briefcase can be of great benefit to you.

With the security of a quality hard laptop briefcase, there really isn’t any reason to allow all of your important information to be left in a vulnerable position. It will protect your information as well as the physical computer. And metal cases are a reasonable price for the security they provide.


While a nice vinyl or cloth computer bag is an easy, light-weight way to carry your laptop around, it does not provide much in the way of protection. These bags are designed to protect your computer from scratches, or from normal bumps and jostling. They are not designed to protect your computer from the harder knocks that it can receive when it leaves the protection of your office.

Aluminum offers much more protection for your computer. First is the outer case itself. Because the shell is harder than cloth bags it will give your computer more protection from heavy impact or dropping. These cases also come with interior padding that will even keep your system safe from heavy bumps or short drops.

Secure Your Data

One difference that really stands out when comparing metal cases to cloth computer bags is in keeping your system secure. While many computer cases give you the ability to lock your bag, that is not very effective if someone could simply cut the bag to get to your computer. Locking mechanisms offer additional security and protection for computers.

Most of the quality cases that are available have a latch system that allows you to secure your computer with a combination lock. Some of the larger, two-latch cases even allow for separate combinations on each latch. This provides double the security.

Many thieves rely on opportunity and convenience. When you make it too difficult for them, they will move on to another mark, leaving your computer safe. The secure latches are usually enough to deter lazy criminals.

In this day and age it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect the investment you made in your computer. Nothing can guarantee absolute protection, but a metal case comes far closer than most of the other options. Investing in a hard laptop case made from aluminum is a good way to get the most protection you can get.

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