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How you can Switch To the Raw Food Diet For Dogs Who are Picky Eaters

July 10, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Pets

To get some dogs to switch to a raw food diet will challenge your creativity. But you realize you’ll need to persevere because it is for the excellent of one’s dog. Thankfully, there are some guidelines available that may help you help your dog adjust to this new and healthier diet plan.

Listed below are 7 ideas from Maggie Rhines’ “Going Rawr! Dog Lover’s Compendium” to help you encourage your pick eater onto raw food:

1. Adjust your feeding schedule.

Some dogs are a lot more open to trying new food when they are on a set feeding schedule. Other than becoming employed to getting fed and eating at a specified time, you happen to be also specified that they are hungry by the time you give them food.

Another method to increase your dog’s reception of raw food is always to schedule his feeding after a vigorous routine activity – say after his morning walk or perhaps a jog around the block. A great run will support him work up an appetite.

2. Regulate just how much food your dog is obtaining.

If your difficulty is acquiring your dog to finish his serving of food, you could desire to re-examine how much food you’re really giving him. It may be too much for him to consume.

One particular approach to help your dog finish his food and finish it swiftly is usually to set a specified amount of time for him to eat. Say you only give him 20 minutes to finish his food. Soon after that, take away his food bowl. That way, he’ll be encouraged to eat his food and to finish it swiftly.

One more reason why you need to perform this is simply because using a raw food diet plan, you don’t desire to leave food lying around. This will enable bacteria to grow in your dog’s food, which could cause stomach upset when your dog consumes the contaminated food.

3. Lay off on the treats

If your dog is typically disinterested in his food, it might be time to examine what food your dog is acquiring outside of his meals. Does he get to consume when he comes to you even though you happen to be preparing his food? What about when the family members sits down for dinner, does he get a bite too?

Treats are meant to be rewards for great behavior and should not be something you routinely give your pet each and every time. That may turn treats into snacks, which will only spoil your dog’s appetite during meal time. So if your dog seems full throughout meal occasions, verify if unscheduled snacking might be to blame.

4. Range will be the spice of life

When feeding your dog raw food, selection is important to keeping him interested. In the event you are feeding him the same kind of food all the time, it won’t be a surprise if there comes a time when he’s just not that thinking about the identical old point.

Arranging a varied meal does not must be difficult. You can rotate his meals every 3 days. Serve different kinds of meat or distinct kinds of fruits and vegetables to maintain him excited in the course of meal times.

5. Make it fun

Just like with small kids, sometimes dogs require a bit stimulation to encourage them to try and to eat new food. It is possible to experiment with a variety of activities and various kinds of toys that dispense food. Or you are able to take his food (as an example, raw meaty bones or whole carcasses) and dangle it a little in front of him. That could work to obtain his attention to attempt the new food.

6. Maybe he’s not feeling well

When you’ve tried different strategies and your dog is nonetheless not consuming, it could possibly be a sign that your dog just isn’t feeling well. If his lack of appetite is accompanied by a common lack of interest in any activity, you’d do properly to have him checked by a vet.

7. Do the slow switch approach

Some dogs just need more time to adjust to raw food diet program specifically following becoming so utilised to a diverse sort of food for a lengthy time. To facilitate his adjustment, you might wish to consider performing the slow switch method. What you do is you mix his old diet using the new diet program, gradually increasing the proportion of the new diet plan, until such time whenever you are feeding him just raw food. This will enable him to acquire a taste for raw food at a much less stressful pace.

Introducing the raw food diet program to your dog isn’t often as simple as just giving him raw meaty bones to munch on. There are lots of factors to think about, specifically if your dog will be the sensitive/picky eater kind.

A fantastic resource to check out though will be Maggie Rhines’ “Going Rawr! Dog Lover’s Compendium”. If you have a dog or perhaps a puppy which you desire to raise on a raw food diet regime, her professional suggestions and guidance will go a lengthy way in helping you make the transition as effortless and as pleasant as you possibly can for both you as well as your pet!

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