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How you can Care For Anthurium Scherzerianum Plants

July 14, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Gardening

Should you desire a lovely type of anthurium plant that creates red, orange or pink flowers, take a look at Scherzerianum Anthuriums. Their spadix is what sets them apart from Andraeanum. They have a curly spadix, rather than a straight one like Andraeanum. Anthurium Scherzerianum Plant Care is actually not quite different than what is needed for Andraeanum, since they’re closely connected.

The perfect temperature for it is 80 degrees. Preferably, it really should not be subjected to temps below 60 degrees or over 90 degrees. Indirect, bright sunshine is best. But direct exposure to noon sunlight can burn leaves and foliage, so be sure that it’s never exposed to strong, direct sunshine.

Any loose, well drained potting soil will work effectively. Should you possess access to volcanic cinder, you are able to use it. If not, it is possible to use a potting mix that has perlite, bark, and moss. The key is always to ensure that the potting soil drains properly. Too much moisture can lead to root rot and other issues that may harm your plant.

Water your plant on a regular basis, but ensure that the water empties out from the container quickly. Within the rainforest, these plants grow up the side of trees. Regardless of receiving everyday water from rain, their roots are never soaked in water because the water drips down the side of the tree and away from their root system. Since your plant is inside a pot, you’ll want to make certain that all of the water drains out of the pot and also the planting mix dries out a bit, but not entirely, prior to watering once again.

Humidity should be high, but not excessive. Someplace close to 70 to 80% is excellent. Any greater and fungal issues might occur. Down to 50% is generally good. Yet you may need to spray the foliage once and a while. Spray the foliage within the morning and be sure that they dry by the night time to stop fungal troubles.

To find out a lot more about Scherzerianum or purple anthuriums, please go to my tropical flower website. Flowers and plants are typically talked about there.

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