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How to Start Beekeeping Yourself

February 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Business

To start beekeeping, you need honey bees! Instead of purchasing honey bees, some beekeepers prefer to find honeybee swarms and catch them into their hives. If you’ve no experience in catching bees, it’s better not to do it alone. Seek help of an experienced beekeeper, because if you irritate bees, it may have serious consequences for you and people around you while catching the wild honey bees.

Swarms frequently crowd together on tree branches or other reachable places, like spaces between buildings. In most instances, property owners want these bees taking away. In some locations, beekeepers may be able to obtain wild bees for their hives by listing their names on a ‘swarm retrieval list’ that is fashioned from local 911 calls manufactured by property owners. Still, you ought to ask permission from the home owner before your attempt to accumulate these swarming honey bees.

If you’ve learned an accessible swarm of honeybees, and would like to have it, this is what one beekeeper advised to do: “… get a five-gallon plastic bucket with some kind of perforated cover like window screening. Spray the swarm heavily with sugar syrup, position the bucket underneath it then give the branch a sharp shake to dislodge bees into the bucket. Cover the bucket and install the swarm in a hive as you would do with packaged bees.”

Beekeepers can likewise set up their hives to attract wild bees. One technique is to put an open container of honey in the new hives. This is simple enough to do, but the way is liable to attract all kinds of insects, including non-honey bees. Yet another technique of attracting wild honeybees is to place a frame of empty hatch honeycomb within the hives.

Arresting natural or wild honeybee swarms has a great deal of disadvantages. There is no method to determine, for instance, whether they are diseased or if the queen that you catch with the swarm is new and has not yet been mated.

Unless you are confident that you understand how swarming occurs and recognize how to protect yourself from a swarm of bees, this is more than likely not be the foremost option for first-time beekeepers.

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