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How To Properly Remove Hair

June 24, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Multiple Sclerosis

If you are considering a source of permanent hair removal, it may be difficult at first to differentiate from laser hair removal and electrolysis. Targeting the dark hair follicle, laser hair removal uses heat energy to permanently get rid of the hair. You need to target the hair in stages and this is why laser hair removal is done over a period of around six sessions. Hair that is of a blonde, red, or grey shade may not be perfect for this procedure. In this instance, you would be an eligible candidate for electrolysis, which offers a form of hair removal for lighter hair on the body. You should consider laser hair removal if you have dark hair regardless of your skin tone. Skin color matters here in a sense that it will be considered in order to determine the kind of laser that will be used on you.

Our skin has melanin and pigment and these are what the lasers will be targeting. If a darker skin tone uses a laser intended for lighter skin, the heat energy could be too severe and cause them to burn. Numbing cream can be your best friend when you are about to get a laser hair removal procedure done.

People prefer the laser hair removal procedure because of its cheaper price tag. Via needles inserted into every single hair follicle, an electrical current is used to kill them off in electrolysis. Only consider electrolysis for areas like the upper lip, eyebrows, and chin when it comes to hair removal. There are plenty of risks that come with treating the eyebrows and other areas near the eyes with laser hair removal. In this case, laser hair removal can lead to numerous irreversible problems.

One procedure, laser hair removal, feels a bit like having rubber bands snapped towards your skin while it is electrolysis that feels a lot like needle pricking. The only way that electrolysis will be effective is if you had about 30 sessions or so. Effective laser hair removal demands about 7 visits to get treatments.

Laser hair removal is a very quick treatment, especially on smaller areas of the body. You only need five minutes to treat your upper lip. One hair follicle is treated in electrolysis before the others can be treated. You need to spend a lot of time for this kind of treatment due to this.

You need to take note of the type and color of your hair in order to find the right procedure for hair removal. There are times when lasers cannot pick up blonde, grey, or red hair and this is why electrolysis is available. People can now enjoy a lot of different laser hair removal treatments that can be done for all areas of the body except for the eyebrows thanks to the advancements in technology today.

Usually, someone who tries laser hair removal will experience side effects like swelling, redness, and the sensitivity of the skin after the procedure. When it comes to electrolysis, you are risking permanent skin discoloration. If you are hoping for permanent hair reduction on any area of your body that has dark colored hair, laser hair removal is the best alternative for the safe and permanent treatment of unwanted hair.

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