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How to Monetize Your Blog in the Right Way

July 8, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Marketing

It is not that big of a deal to setup and maintain a blog. Bringing new traffic to your blog is not a lot to handle either. In this day and time, the only issues that bloggers are having is when it comes to making money with their blog. The intent of this article is to help you find the best ways possible to make money on your blog.

Remember that monetizing your blog doesn’t necessarily mean you’re limited to one method. A monetization technique that is under-utilized by bloggers is the membership model. You can convince your audience to pay for content by offering them excellent free information first. The model whereby people are given free content, which then requires a membership to access more in-depth information, with people paying a regular fee to do so, is also known as the “freemium” model. This model applies to blogs that are in a niche where people are looking for solutions. Weight loss, for example, is a perfect option because everyone is always on the lookout for a good system that will help them lose weight. Thus, by implementing the freemium model and converting a blog into a membership site, if it is in an industry that meets the criteria, you will be able to maximize your blog’s profitability. Selling an already profitable blog that you built especially for this purpose is another effective approach. You are hearing correctly as there is a serious market for profitable blogs. If your blog is only making a few dollars every day with AdSense, you can still sell it for a nice profit. There are a few marketplaces online that cater to site buyers and sellers, such as When your blog starts making a certain amount of money, it can be sold on an online marketplace so you can make a nice profit.

Leverage CPM networks for your monetization goals. CPM means the average cost per thousand impression. Instead of getting paid for ad clicks, the difference between a CPM and PPC network is that with a CPM network, you will get paid per impression. This ensures that advertisers are getting a good return on their investment by giving importance to the appearance of the ads. The best way to attract advertisers would be to have a blog with a theme that relates to the targeted market and great content. All you have to so is become a member of a CPM network such as Value Click and you will soon starting earning a good income.

Hopefully, you realize the importance of monetizing your blog if it is done in the right manner. Don’t wait too long to monetize your blog, because if you do not make any money, you are not using the full potential. So go ahead, start applying what you’ve learned here to start making some real income from your blog.

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