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The Basics of Candle Making

June 24, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Arts & Entertainment, DIY

Candles are a very popular item in the home these days. Although they are no longer a major source of light, they can be an effective way to cheer up the atmosphere and add pleasant aromas. They also make very good emergency lighting, when the power is out. Many people enjoy creating their own candles, and here are some tips for making a candle of your own.

Get your materials together first. This way, you will not spend time searching for things, or running to the store. Have a list of everything that you need, and a common list includes these items.

1. Molds

2. Wax

3. Wicks

4. Fragrance oils

5. Wax dye

Smoking Candles

If you are not careful, some of your candles may emit smoke. Smoke can interfere with a lovely fragrance. Make sure that you have the right size wicks, as too large of wicks will cause smoke. This is because the wick does not absorb all the wax. Also, be careful about adding too much fragrance oil, as this can sometimes cause smoke.

Adding the Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oil makes candles smell lovely. However, when you add the oil can make a big difference in the way that it smells. Most wax melts at about 125 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit (that is 52 to 57 Celsius). However, many people find that a much higher temperature causes better aroma displacement. 180 degrees Fahrenheit or 82 Celsius allows the oil to absorb better.

Melting Your Wax

It is best to use a candy thermometer when you are melting your wax. This lets you know the exact temperature to add the fragrance oil. Your wax will melt quicker, if you break it into smaller pieces, and an ice pick will work well. However, use the ice pick over a cutting board, and not in the pan. It is easy to dent and damage your pan, especially if it is aluminum.

When you heat the wax, use a double boiler or make one of your own. Fill a large pan with water and place a smaller one inside of it. Make sure that no water gets inside of the smaller container. This will prevent your wax from burning, and keep the temperature even.

Pouring the Wax

When you pour your wax into molds, temperature is very important. If your molds are made from metal, you should use hot wax, at a temperature of about 180 F (82 C) or more. If you are using other materials like paper or glass, then you should consider a cooler wax of about 140 F (60 C). This is another reason to monitor the temperature with a candy thermometer.


Making a candle of your own can be a rewarding experience. Before starting, make sure that you have all of your materials together. Make sure that you have the right size wicks, as too large will cause your candles to smoke. Adding fragrance oil at the right temperature will distribute the fragrance better. When you melt the wax, use a double boiler and a candy thermometer. Pour the wax hotter for metal molds, and cooler for others.

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