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How to iron dress shirt

June 17, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Disease & Illness


How to iron dress shirt

Your appearance at work has an effect on the way you are viewed by your colleagues and higher ups. You want to look your best and make sure to make the right impression. To get the most professional look in your dress shirt,  you should iron your dress shirts with starch. Starch keeps dress shirts looking crisp and fresh, and prevents wrinkles from forming during the day while you are wearing it.

Iron the front of the shirt. How to iron dress shirt
Lay one side of the front up on the board and let the rest of the shirt hang off. Apply starch and iron the front of the shirt until the starch is dry. Be careful ironing between the buttons, using just the tip of the iron. You might want to flip the shirt over and iron the buttons from the bottom.

Iron the shirt back.
The back of the shirt is where most of your wrinkles will show. Place the shirt face down on the board with the back flattened out completely and the front of the shirt hanging off the sides of the board.   Spray the starch liberally and iron out wrinkles. When you complete the back, your shirt will be ready to wear.

Use a light spray of starch.
Keep the can at least one foot from the material. dark blue dress shirt  Too much starch will make the shirt feel hard.

Start with the collar.
The collar of the shirt is one of the easiest places to keep from wrinkling again while you are ironing the rest of the shirt. Lay the shirt face down, with the back of the collar up. Spray a light spray of starch across the collar. Iron from one side to the other, applying steady pressure. Flip the shirt over. Flatten the collar out on the board. Spray a light spray of starch and iron the front of the collar.

Iron the cuffs of the shirt.
If you don’t mind a crease in your sleeve, you can leave the cuff buttoned. Or you can unbutton the cuff and spread it out across the board to do a creaseless ironing job. Spray a layer of starch and iron the cuff flat.

Iron the sleeves.
To iron the sleeves of a dress shirt, line up the seams of the shirt    mens pink dress shirts  with the shirt facing up. Lay the seams parallel on the ironing board. Flatten the sleeve down, pulling toward each of the seams to make sure there is no fabric left bunched underneath. Spray a layer of starch over the arm and then iron the arm. Flip the shirt over and do the same on the back of the sleeve.

Iron the shoulders.
Pull the shoulder of the shirt over the small end of the ironing board,   flattening the fabric out against the board. Spray the shoulder with starch and iron out all wrinkles. This should give you a creaseless shoulder.

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