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How to Get Trusted Testimonials for Your Product

July 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Marketing

Testimonials can have a powerful affect on your target audience and help you convert more of them into customers. Very few people want to be out front, and that is why there is security in numbers which is what testimonials are all about. Even if a product is not real new, sometimes marketers struggle due to a lack of testimonials. Let’s delve a little bit more into this, and then we will see what some possibilities are.

If you have heard of flogs, fake blogs, then you know the deal when it comes to marketers being all too willing to lie about testimonials. A lot of folks just do not trust what they come across on the net, and we can hardly blame them for feeling that way. No surprise here on that account because people really are not stupid and word does get around. There are some people who will never believe you, or us, but that is ok because if you offer a solid product that is real – enough people will find out about it. We still see lots of testimonials in which there is no image of the person or anything, and that is not the most effective way. If we had the choice between a terrible testimonial, no pic or anything, and having no testimonial – we will go with no testimonial.

For years, most experienced online marketers know very well the effectiveness of using testimonials from videos. The emotional impact is just so much greater there is almost no comparison. The thing that makes video more effective is people feel like they are there, even though they really know they are not. It is a lot like the saying, seeing is believing, and that is an unconscious impact. You will find written testimonials still used more often because it is more difficult to get a video testimonial. The average online marketer usually will have a tougher time securing an actual video testimonial. A video that is about a minute or two at the most will have the best effect on people. There is a reason why video products cost more than written, and it is because people think they are more valuable.

Getting links from as many reputable places as possible is the aim of any business on the net. You can entice people such as other businesses if they leave a testimonial by allowing the use of a link in their signature. This is just good business practice, and it is something you really should consider doing and no problem. Do not be afraid to make this offer to people, and you will be surprised at what it can do for your testimonials. As you can see, there is nothing really special or hard about doing this, and you can put it into effect quite easily.

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