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How to get the most out of your Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Battery

May 3, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Hardware

The battery in your new cordless drill is an essential ingredient in the overall performance of your tool, so let’s examine it in detail.

You can prolong the battery life by completely charging and then fully discharging it, at least once a month. Exceptions to this rule are the Li-Ion batteries, which do not experience the memory effect.

Check that the contact points on both the cordless Drill Battery and charger are clean and free of dust and moisture. This ensures both the life and the charge of the drill will always be at the optimum levels

The Temperature is the one thing that can kill your charger and halve its life. Make sure you always run the charger in a well ventilated and cool place out of direct sunlight and or the elements. The manufacturer should recommend optimum temperature levels so make sure you follow them.

Always run the charger in a well ventilated and cool place out of direct sunlight and or the elements. It goes without saying but make sure you are always working in a clean and well lit and ventilated environment.

Most toolsheds are out in the backyard and since this is the case it is highly advisable to not leave your charger on day and night. This is especially true when there is an electrical storm as any power surges can potentially kill the charger and battery in one hit.

It is also important to make sure you use the battery on a regular basis. Leaving the Lithium-Ion battery out of charge for too long can diminish its performance and charging capacity.

If you are not planning on using your cordless power tool for a while then the storage of your battery is equally important. Again, store it in a dry and clean place free from the elements.

Also when not in use click the rotation direction switch by the trigger to neutral. This aids in battery storage.

Every Lithium-Ion battery and charger comes with instructions and recommendations set by the manufacturer. The best way to maximize the life of your cordless drill battery is simply to follow these guidelines and recommendations at all times.

Not only should you use common sense and follow the manufacturers guidelines to maximize the life of the battery, you should also be following them because if not then you are at risk of voiding your warranty.

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