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How to Get Nintendo Points

June 24, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Arts & Entertainment, Games

Nintendo Points numbers can be purchased either online or through the Nintendo Points cards. As a Nintendo gamer, you should become aquainted with Nintendo Points in some form or another. Nintendo Points are used in the multiplayer service in order to provide Wii and DSi owners exclusive or download-able content. DLC covers multiplayer add-ons such as new characters and map packs, which are important to any FPS enthusiast. If you desire methods of enjoying your Nintendo DSi or Wii, you may will need at least 2000 Nintendo Points.

What will I do with 2000 Nintendo Points? The Nintendo Wii has an online marketplace called Wii Shop. In this marketplace, there are several categories you may explore. Two of the major categories being WiiWare and the Virtual Console. The Virtual Console concerns the retro gamers out there. This library of games exclusively holds the classics on the consoles of gaming past. These retro games may have been on the Sega Genesis, N64, Nintendo Entertainment System or more. This is a prime method for getting modern gamers into the classics.

The WiiWare service is Nintendo’s main focus now. This category holds video games made solely for the Wii and made to include the motion controls. These games are big in content but short on actual storylines. A great way to spend time until a long awaited game is released. These games will go from 800 to 1200 Nintendo Points and they are downloaded directly to your Wii.

You can acquire Nintendo Points through prepaid cards or the internet. If you acquirea prepaid card, you will have to redeem the Nintendo Points code on either the console or the internet. If you purchase the Nintendo Points number through the internet, you will have to use your credit card. You can probably find a way to get free Nintendo Points through the internet if you look hard enough. However, purchasing a Nintendo Points card is often easier.

If you are still confused about Nintendo Points and need further information, visit the official Nintendo website.

I am a video game blogger and have years of experience with virtual currencies across all video game platforms.

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