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How to Conceive a Boy

July 6, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

The desire to have a baby boy need not necessarily emerge out of a gender bias. Boys have always got the tag of ‘mamma’s boys’, and with reason. Mom’s love their sons, and it is this innate love from which probably emanates the desire to have a boy. In other cases, it may be that a little boy is wanted to complete a family. Whatever the reason, the aforementioned description of a little boy is so beautiful and so apt, that there is no reason why a couple should not consider finding out how to conceive a boy. Without further ado, here are some steps and measures that will help you in this regard.

How to Conceive a Boy Tips :

For those of you wanting to know how to get pregnant with a boy, compiled here are methods that will increase (not guarantee) your chances of having a baby boy. The factors that affect the chances of a woman getting pregnant are numerous, and these factors may be both, internal and external. How to take care of these factors, and increase your chances of having a boy, have been enlisted here.

Timing the Process

According to a popular doctor, Dr. Shettles, a couple should be aware of the best time to conceive a boy. This time, as suggested by him, should be about 24 hours before ovulation or lesser. This is because the Y chromosome (one of the chromosomes that determines the genetic makeup of boys) lives for a very short while. As such, keeping a track of the ovulation period, and having intercourse no more than 24 hours before ovulation will increase your chances of having a baby boy. Further, it is suggested that a couple should not engage in intercourse for about 3-4 days before the ovulation period. This is to increase the sperm count and enable the conception of a boy.

The Importance of Positioning

As has already been mentioned earlier, how to make sure you have a boy cannot be guaranteed. However, to increase chances, it is important that you pay attention to the sexual position during intercourse. It should generally be the missionary position, and a method of deep penetration should be followed so as to allow for a sperm deposit as close to the egg as possible. Further, the Y chromosome does not survive in a highly acidic environment, and to create an alkaline environment, it is important that a woman achieves orgasm during intercourse. After intercourse, it is suggested that woman should lie down with a pillow under her hips.

Watch What You Eat

Health experts recommend watching their diet to couples who want to know how to have a boy. It is suggested that men should have tea or coffee to increase the caffeine content in the body just before intercourse. While the actual effect of doing so is not determined, it is believed that it increases the energy levels of men, and improves the overall quality of intercourse. Further, women who want to know how to conceive a boy are suggested to eat more red meat, fish, foods rich in salt/sodium, eggs, raisins, vegetables such as peas, zucchini, mushrooms, beans, sweet corn, and bread. These foods are known to balance the pH level in a woman’s body, and make it a more alkaline environment that makes conceiving a boy more likely. Nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and vitamins C, E, and B12 are also very essential.

Ways of Older Times

Traditionally (and in some cases to this date), it was believed that there is a ‘best month to conceive a boy’. Not everyone may believe in these methods, because it is rooted in old tales. However there is a specific Chinese conception calendar that prescribes a suitable age and month for a woman to have a boy or a girl. You too may resort to it if you really want that little blue-eyed baby boy that badly.

More How to Conceive a Boy Tips :

How to Conceive a Boy? Follow some more tips apart from the important ones mentioned above.

.Make sure that neither of you smoke. Irrespective of the gender selection you have made for the baby you want, smoking is terrible for the health of the baby, and can mar any chances of conception at all.

.Men who wish to have a boy should resort to wearing boxers over briefs. This is because the Y chromosome is very sensitive to excess heat, and if you really want a baby boy that bad, it is important that you do all you can to keep it cool.

.Be positive. Pregnancy is an important period in every woman’s life. More than the gender of your baby, the fact that you are blessed with one should be deeply appreciated. Of course, if you have a boy after all your effort, it would be miraculous. However, if you are blessed with a girl too, don’t be disappointed. Keep your mind open to childbirth, not the gender of the child.

Finally, if you think none of the methods on how to conceive a boy work, you may have to resort to some scientific methods to bring to the world that little boy you’ve always wanted. In effect, there is no ‘best way to conceive a boy’. Yes, the methods mentioned above will significantly increase chances, but as has been mentioned earlier, you must be open to the thought of having a baby of any gender. Good luck with your endeavors.

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