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How can Web Design firms save money

July 15, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Web Design

It’s well known that graphic designer and coders are like Tom and Jerry, they can’t stand each other but they are always together as far as it regards working on a website project. It is not because one of the two is dim, it is mainly because graphic designers see design work from a different perspective, the appearal and the actual graphic look to be something attractive, while on the other hand coders see a website more from a usability stand point of view, a site that renders well on major web browsers, it is easy to use and fast to navigate and that uses modern coding standards.

But soon enough, the both will get in conflict. Where from a visual aspect something might look brilliant, from the coding side it is simply not doable, or rather, it is not doable and maintain the modern coding standards. On the other hand, the graphic designer knows best his work, and puts his creativity into creating astonishing designs, but their lack of knowledge in coding a visually perfect looking layout that will be compatible with major web browsers, it is just almost impossible to find both qualities into the same person, creative in graphic design and excellent with codes.

See the scenario, a very capable graphic designer came out with an astonishing design idea for a client and completed the design within 2 business days. The client simply loves the design, actually adores it. Work proceed and the designer now needs to code the layout, after another 2 days presents the working site to the client which replies back with something like; site doesn’t look same on internet explorer, the menu won’t open in safari, there is too much space in opera but looks great on firefox. Argh..the designer, that is a designer, now has to spend at least another day searching on Google for ways on how to fix these issues on specific browsers without ruining the look in another browsers. And when working with hacks, if you don’t know what you are doing…it just becomes stressful and time passes..

In the above described scenario, we took as example a web design firm that is trying to save money by hiring 1 guy to do the job for 2 guys. That means, having 1 person on payroll and hopefully saving money by not hiring a second person, WRONG. The design company is actually losing money, as it is delaying the delivery of the project and keeps their schedule full until the problem is resolved and the layout gets approved from the client.

On the other hand, we have another web design company, that has decided to outsource the coding of the designs for their clients to another company that is specialized in coding from psd to xhtml. The scenariou would be quiet obvious, designer makes that astonishing design within 2 days, presents it to client, client approves, forwards the design to the coding company, which gets back within a business day or two with a fully working and cross browser compatible layout, hassle free for the design company and client loves it as it looks identically the same on all major web browsers. Client is happy, web design company has completed a project and has saved another 2 days at least for new clients and new project, thus increasing their work flow and profit margins.

Outsourcing the creation of a design into a working website to a third company it does not only speed up the process and assures that the layouts are coded in the right way and are hassle free for the design company, but it is also cost effective.

For example, the guys over at have a special price for design firms and code from PSD to CSS the designs for only $600/mo with a maximum of 10 layouts. Not only that, but the company is also specialized in psd to wordpress coding theme integration too, so you get one single team to do a lot more for a really affordable price.

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