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Have Got To Wash Your Solid Wood Tables? Here Is How To Do It Properly

February 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Arts & Entertainment, DIY, Home and Family

Many households are furnished with wooden tables. They are easy to get, very affordable, and will match the decor of any home. Because if is a piece of furniture, though, every now and then, it will require being cleaned. The actions taken to clean wooden tables are largely dependent on how dirty it is, and the finish (if there is one). Here are just a few ways to clean wooden tables effectively.

Static dust cloths are great cleaning tools to use if the wooden tables just have a light coating of dust on them. The dust is attracted to the cloth and then easily wipes away, providing a clean surface. Because they do not need the use of chemical cleaning solutions, many individuals prefer this item for cleaning.

If individuals want to ensure their wooden tables shine, then they should purchase commercial furniture polish. Individuals only need to put a touch of the polish onto the table, let it sit for a few minutes, and then easily wipe it all away using a paper towel. It will remove all dirt, dust, and any other particles on the surface of wooden tables. Before using it, however, just read to make sure it is compatible with the table if there is a finish.

If the table requires more cleaning, buy gentle wood soap and a nylon brush. Make a mixture of soap and water and use the brush to gently work it into the wood. Do not use a stiff brush as it will create scratches in the wood. Some clean water should then be used to remove excess soap and dirt. Sealed tables require the use of a rag. Unsealed tables must air dry.

Additional cleaning actions need to be done if the table is not sealed. Individuals need to oil the table. Lemon oil is highly suggested for its clean scent and the protection it offers to tables. Before the oil is used, just make certain it will not discolor the wood by testing it on a location under the table. If discoloration does not occur, go ahead and use it on the whole table.

Always wear gloves when working with table oils. Individuals need to gently, yet thoroughly work oil into the table. It needs to be continually done until there is no more oil absorption. When the wooden table stops absorbing oil, take a paper towel and wipe down the surface. This will catch any remaining wet spots. Then let the wooden table dry for awhile and do not put anything on it as it may still be oily.

It is very easy to clean wooden tables. All the supplies necessary can be found in any home improvement store. A few minutes is all that is required and, after, wooden tables will look as good as new.

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