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Hair Removal Methods

June 20, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

Article by Aldrin

I think it’s because summer is just around the corner, but lately, I have witnessed more than a few articles on hair removal. Beauty not only helps people with their skin, much of our work is eyebrow shaping, and so every time I see anything about waxing, waxing in particular, I note.

First of all, we are philosophical about the problem of hair removal in general. You also want to remove all body hair (which is not really in your head, and also to remove some of course)? The New York Times has just published an article about women who do not drive, with the Oscar-winning actress Monique example, has helped raise the debate seems to shave almost the only fair. But this post is not a question of whether he should shave or not, but if you want to comment on the issue with courage. Read on if you are worried about hair removal.


Shaving is inexpensive, fast, and you can do at home. I do not recommend shaving of facial hair grows back as fast, so basically – what’s the point? Instead, get that hair removing wax or laser hair removal. There are two main problems related to shaving. The first issue is that the hair grows back quickly, because you only have to remove the hairs on the surface of the skin, not exactly. Another problem with shaving is really a trio of problems: the red bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs. (Incidentally, it is a myth that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and darker), using moisturizers and shave the sharp, new razor when you shave can help to solve these problems, but I would recommend waxing or laser hair removal, however, if you still suffer from these problems. Both of these efforts hair removal to join the investment of time and money on your part, but I think both deserve the results.


Aestheticians use a lot of time in school practice of hair removal. Practice makes perfect after all. Waxing removes hair from the root, so it takes much more time to grow again – between 6 to 8 weeks usually. There are plenty of home waxing kits that you buy and try in the privacy and comfort of your home, but ideally I think you should leave the waxing to a professional, especially if you want your jersey and face increased. Incidentally, never wax your eyebrows clean! It’s just a recipe for disaster, leaving one for professionals. Pick at home if you need to touch your eyebrows. The wax is more complicated than it seems. The beautician needs to understand how hair grows in the region is waxed, that adults must be on temperature, and it also needs to properly prepare the skin before waxing and treated properly after waxing. As I said – maybe you want to leave it to the pros.

It is also very important to be very healthy and waxing. So, if you go to the waxing of the spa can be sure that it is very clean. Another reason to switch to waxing spa is that the wax is messy. He runs everywhere and cannot easily be cleaned easily when dribbling. Waxing can be very painful, so if you have a low tolerance for pain to take a painkiller an hour before treatment. Area, which is waxed to remain in the red and sensitive for a long time, even after waxing, you can also bleed waxing. I myself have been red for at least an hour after waxing. So I’m not going to go out on a date immediately in contact with the upper lip waxed. Waxing leaves the skin very smooth, but you can breakout after waxing. Use a bit ‘of salicylic acid on breakouts. Sometimes it can be ingrown after waxing so be sure to exfoliate the area that has been waxed on a regular basis. You can also use a towel to the exfoliation. There are many different products and wax available. This is another reason for not waxing is a professional who is familiar with the various options.


Personally I stayed away from depilatory ago, I used 14-years or so on my shirt and gave me a horrible, painful, red rash. I also think they smell horrible. So I’m not a fan of hair removal if it does not mean they do not work for some people, although personally I do not think they work very well. In my opinion matters just jump right in and shave both shaving and depilatories is the very method of hair removal and the last the same amount of time. Depilatories are made from ingredients such as caustic calcium hydroxide and sodium thioglcolate which melts and dissolves the hair at the surface of your skin. Once again, in my opinion, just shave if you want to temporarily remove hair.


Electrolysis is the only permanent form of hair removal because it kills the hair bulb at the source of electricity. Although laser hair removal is not permanent is electrolysis. The person performing the electrolysis are specially trained in this highly and will be allowed in this particular area of hair removal. I’ve never tried electrolysis, but I know a friend who, it is quite painful. It takes too long to get the desired results from electrolysis, and AFAIK, please correct me if I’m wrong, you can get electrolysis on your face. I think it would be just too long and too painful elsewhere on the body.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is becoming more popular for a reason – it works. Well, normally. The results vary not expect a miracle when you get laser hair removal. But I really think if you have the money for laser hair removal, you should try. I had IPL hair removal on my bikini line and it worked perfectly. I had done on my underarms and it did not work at all, but I felt that my money was well spent because the results on my shirt. Laser hair removal is considered permanent hair reduction not removed. Do not go to a place that ensures to remove all your hair permanently with laser treatments. It is actually illegal to make this request. There are so many different types of lasers on the market and new entrants every day, so I’m not specifically in this post on lasers. Just be aware it will take at least four, if not many more meetings to get the results you want with laser hair removal.

Process is not particularly painful, but the issue of pain varies from person to person, and laser-laser. Laser hair removal should not be taken lightly. Remember to find a place to get a decent treatment and a lot of questions before paying any price. If you do not get answers to your questions during the consultation and the rest.

About the Author

Men and Women both have unwanted hair they like to remove and there are several Hair Removal Methods which can achieve this. Of course each method does have it advantages and disadvantages, also depending on the area of the body that requires hair removal. Laser Hair Removal is one of the best today.

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