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Great Workout Songs

July 5, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Looking for great workout songs to put in your iPod? Keep reading.

It’s probably easy to find great workout songs for cardio exercise. But finding good workout music to listen to while cross training or lifting weights can be a challenge.

If you search online, you’ll find tons of pages populated with lists of people’s idea of great workout songs. But will these gym songs be effective for you?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a music genre created for cross training and weight training until recently. As a result, your workout playlist is probably filled with what some call, “regular music” instead of actual music created to workout to.

But don’t you worry, MusicForMuscles has got you covered.

When I was searching, just like you, for great workout songs, I learned how so much workout music is created for aerobics and similar types of exercise. While this is great, it leaves a great amount of us out of the picture.

Those of us who cross train, lift weights, do kettle bells or body-weight exercises usually have to turn to our regular music playlists to find the extra motivation to push through the last few reps of the most intense sets.

Since I was a gym warrior who also just happened to be a music composer, I decided to create my own set of great workout songs that motivated and helped me. I combined elements of the genres that sit on the top of most people’s exercise music playlists.

These genres are commonly rock, hip hop, and dramatic film/orchestra scores, all three of which were right up my alley. Remember the scene in “Rocky” where he was training and the famous ole music was playin’? If so, then you already know where I am going.

I also used scientific research from Ohio State University, The University of New Mexico, Brunel University of London, The University of Southern Queensland, and a few other universities and exercise science facilities.

I found out that great workout songs that had certain characteristics led to an increase in strength and endurance as high as 23% or more, INSTANTLY!

The same criteria that I learned of in these scientific studies is what I used to create my own great workout songs. But I originally created them just for myself, LOL.

That was until some of my fellow workout friends found out about it, heard it, and DEMANDED that I share it with them! After they shared the type of instant results they were getting in their workouts using my workout music, I decided to test it out on a few people I had never met before.

So I would randomly walk up to people in the gym, unplug their headphones from their music player, plug them into my iPhone, and tell them to listen.

Their look of shock at this stranger grabbing their music player turned to a look of excitement as they heard what they told me were “great workout songs” that I had put together.

They of course asked me where could they get them, and so I decided to create, and now I want to share these great workout songs with you, so download them and tell me what you think!

Download a free weight lifting workout song and add it to your great workout songs playlist by visiting Make Your NEXT Workout Your BEST Workout!

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