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Good Workout Songs

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Ever since studies have been made public about the positive effects of music on a workout, the demand for good workout songs has grown. Forums and blog posts have begun showing up all over talking about where to find good workout songs, what artists, bands, etc.
One thing that is important to consider however, is the fact that music that you would typically enjoy for recreational listening may not be the best workout songs.
We must always remember that when we go to the gym, we are going there to work hard. Although you may think that your favorite band makes what you would consider good workout songs, studies have proven that they can actually be a distraction.
When you look at serious athletes train in the gym, you will notice that they don’t always listen to their favorite recreational music. Some have said the reason they don’t do it is because it distracts them from moving the weight.
Most of the “good workout songs” that people load up on their ipod are not actually relevant to what they are doing when they are in the gym.
Of course everyone has a right to form their own opinion when it comes to what they consider good workout songs. However, scientific studies are very much worth considering if you desire to really get as much as possible out of your weight lifting workouts.
When I started inventing and composing “Music for Muscles,” I tried to really pay attention to movies that centered around champion warriors. These types of movies like “Gladiator” and “300″ had really great songs that were relevant to what was going on in the life of the warriors of the films.
Even though a lot of the songs didn’t actually have words, they still created inspiration and the heart to win the battle.
I don’t know about you, but when I go to the gym for weightlifting, I’m not going there to play around and have fun. When I go to the gym, I am going to battle. The battle is against myself, and the biggest weights that I can possible handle.
Good workouts songs are, well, “good.” But I want to be great, so that is what inspired me to make “great workout songs” that are actually relevant to what I am doing when in the gym.
This way, I am not distracted by music, but encouraged and motivated to push harder, further, and for longer. So find a set of good workout songs to go with your set of exercises.
Whether it is my music or not, just make sure it is effective for you and not a distraction. Of course I could be biased to my own, so feel free to try it out I don’t think you will be disappointed, as I am still getting tons of positive comments from the thousands of champion weightlifters who have tried it so far.
When you go into battle, make sure you are going in with your strongest most powerful weapons.

Download good workout songs created specifically and exclusively for listening to while lifting weights. As a matter of fact, download a FREE weightlifting song right now by visiting so that you can Make Your NEXT Workout Your BEST Workout!

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