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Gastric Bypass Diet – How Important It Is?

July 13, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Diets

From the word itself, gastric bypass diet is a set of meal plans and guidelines specifically made for people who have undergone gastric bypass operation. Since the structure of the stomach is adjusted in the said procedure, strictly following the gastric bypass diet before and after the process is exceedingly necessary. After surgery, your normal eating habits will be customized according to the capacity of your new stomach size.

It is necessary to strictly follow what is on your meal, so your body can adjust to the new stomach size. With this modified meals, your stomach wounds cause by the surgical staples will be given enough time to heal. By abiding into this diet, your body will get use to it and weight loss will follow as result to it.

Many people will ask if there is a required gastric bypass diet before the surgery. The answer is none, because there is no meal plan prior to the surgery. But after the procedure, you surgeon will require you to follow a certain meal pattern. So it’s better to start eating healthy even before you plan to undergo with it.

Phase one, also called as post operative diet are the liquids you take after surgery. Surgeons will not let you to eat anything by mouth since after the operation they will still look at the staples in your stomach to check for leakage, and observe how your stomach react to the food. That’s why the strategy is to have one phase at a time. For this certain stage, bear in mind to sip the fluids very slowly, and only drink 2 to 3 ounces. Some examples of liquids you can take are unsweetened juices, milk, broth or strained cream soup.

Phase two, you are now permitted to take very soft or pureed foods. After phase one, if your stomach is doing good, then you can move on to this stage that usually last for almost a month. Here, everything you eat should be well pureed. The consistency should be thick liquid or smooth paste, so you need foods that blend thoroughly when mashed such as yogurt, egg whites, fish or soft fruits and vegetables.

Phase three is the part of the process wherein soft solid foods are allowed by your doctor. A very tiny chunks of cooked food that can be easily crushed is included in the food.

Phase four is your most awaited stage, here you can already eat solid foods. And because your letting the wounds in your stomach heal faster, you have to avoid the foods that might irritate it like dried fruits, nuts, carbonated drinks, fibrous veggies, granola, tough meats, breads, and spicy foods.

The last phase of the gastric bypass diet, is the stage involving your daily meal plans for the rest of your life. So to keep it precise and simple, your eating habits should be about keeping your meals small, fatty and sugary food should be avoided, carefully chewing the food, drink in gradual amount, make a list of healthy meals, and make sure to take supplements to prevent vitamin deficiencies.

Uncover a lot more about a gastric bypass diet using the assistance of Gastric Bypass Advice to help you examine in case the process fits you.

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