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Foods To Rejuvenate Your Entire Being

July 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Eating to rejuvenate the entire being, meaning not just your body but mind and spirit as well, the goal should be smallish more frequent intake of foods. Smaller meals will help to prevent the blood sugar spikes which come after a larger meal especially one with processed carbohydrates. when the body senses the increas of blood sugar, the result is increased insuling production which will result in a blood sugar dropping too low, and the body then asks for more food to up the blood sugar.

These swings of blood sugar are linked to obesity, inflammatory processes, diabetes, pre diabetes, elevated lipids such as Cholesterol and Triglycerides, and even heart disease.

We are all familiar with the mid afternoon slump, or mid morning slump that calls for a “picker upper” of coffee, sugar, or some other substance to increase our energy level.

Starting the day with a breakfast containiung healthy proteins and carbohydrates that are processed slowly by the body will help greatly to maintain a more level blood sugar level, meaning your energy level will be a lot hogher and more even through out the day and the slumps, which are only a signal that your blood sugar has dropped too low, will not occur.

The South Beach Diet is a great life syile to follow. It is not just for those desiring to lose some weight. The diet recommended is not only healthy and nutritious, but it will give you a lot more energy and probablu quite a bit less anxiety.

Try starting your day with some protein and unprocessed carbohydrates. Scramble two eggs, sautee some mushrooms, maybe add some hot sauce or dry herbs, toast a whole wheat toast and finish off with a glass of V8. Stay away from the orange or other fruit juices and sugary cereal.

Starting your day like this will help to maintain your energy level, reduce cravings and be good for your mind, body and soul.

Having a morning or afternoon snack can also help your insulin and blood sugar levels to stay level. Try some almonds, celery sticks with a bit of laughing cow low fat cheese or hummus. Some carrot sticks can be not only tasty but it is satisfying to chew the crunchy sticks. Now, bear in mind, if you had a high carb breakfast, these more moderate snacks will not seem satisfying at all. A high carb breakfast with the resultant dip in sugar demands other sugary or high carb “fixes”.

Starting the day off right is imperative and hellps you go with the stream instead of against it. Stop fighting your body. Feed it what it needs, and you will be rewarded with better health, energy and wellbeing. ssklqq387

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