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Super Mario Bros: The Most Popular Arcade Game

Super Mario and his awesome brother Luigi are considered gaming royalty! These folks were first created during the ’80′s by Nintendo and didn’t really become popular to the public for awhile. This was because the likes of Atari led the game market with games like Space Invaders. That was the hype until Nintendo released a little game called “Super Mario Bros”. The game caused Nintendo to sky rocket to the scene using a new console system and received an iconic status among gamers.

As a result of the overwhelming success of Super Mario Bros, Nintendo decided that they could sell more consoles. Not only was it a good plan, but this dramatically increased sales of their product.

Nintendo began to improve its technology and became a business leader in superior sound and graphics. Now, the higher the sound and graphics, the better the games became along with the popular Mario and his brother Luigi.

Since those first consoles, Nintendo has expanded their gaming consoles with Gamecube and also the Wii, and Mario Bros Infinite shortly follows with an improved gaming experience, too. With games such as Super Mario Smash Bros and Mario Kart we see that kids of the new generation are also enjoying the same gaming experience we used to have when we were kids.

The Mario Kart game series is such a fun game to play! You choose which character you want to be and which kind of car you want to use in the race. Then, with the Wii controller, you steer toward the right path around the track. Because kids play with it very frequently, it seems like we need to get a new controller or console often because it wears out really fast.

In case you are just starting to venture into the world of Nintendo, you might want to consider getting a Wii because it has the best gaming experience out of all the consoles out there. In honor of the original Mario Bros. game, Wii even released a red colored console. Pretty neat, huh?

Nintendo even came up with a new handheld game, the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first of its kind, a 3D video gaming experience. During the long run, the people working at Nintendo were hoping to release Mario Kart to the 3DS. I’ve not purchased one of these 3DS gaming system yet, but I did have a chance to try it out at a game store and wow, it genuinely was amazing! Needless to say, I understand how the games and technology will improve with time; nevertheless it was amazing to determine exactly how far they have gotten in creating video gaming.

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