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Epilepsy in Labradors

July 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Pets

Epilepsy in canines isn’t something you need to spend sleepless nights about. After the first seizure it is essential that you contact your local vet as there are a lot of medication that he will be able to prescribe for your pet Labrador in order to keep the occurrences of seizures in check. With correct medication, some amount of monitoring your pet’s behavior along with a lot of love, this issue is very easily dealt with.

Some of the most typical medicines which are utilized to manage epilepsy in dogs such as Labradors, German shepherds and poodles are phenobarbital, bromide and diazepam. Of the 3, phenobarbital is the most frequently prescribed drug for canines. Other types of research based remedies are underway,however it isn’t recommended unless the dog is suffering from very serious conditions.

Your pet’s veterinary doctor will most probably provide you with medicine for the canine according to its weight. Typically smaller sized dogs need a smaller dose, whilst larger ones require a larger dosage to help control seizures. For extremely serious instances the doctor might prescribe more than one medication, this is however uncommon and it is a good idea to always check with your doctor as to why a certain medicine is prescribed.

Phenobarbital is marketed under the brand name Epiphin. The important aspect that you need to take into consideration while giving it to your pet is the fact that you should make them take the drug regularly two times each day. In case your timings are a bit off, the low ranges of the drug within the blood won’t stop the onset of a seizure. However high ranges or overdose of this drug will result in severe conditions of liver and renal issues together with toxicity.

Bromide is not a very frequently utilized drug nowadays, and it is both efficient and harmless. The only drawback of this drug is the fact that it tends to trigger stomach upsets if not taken along with meals. Also, this drug does cause liver damage and can’t be given to pets with preexisting liver disorders. The older the dog is, the more succeptible they are to liver damage, hence this has to be considered when administering seizure medicines to the dog. The drug Diazepam is only given when the dog is suffering from seizures. This drug is only recommended in cases where the dog has prolonged seizures that don’t subside.

Most anti epilepsy drugs have temporary effects that have a tendency to make the dog dull, nauseous and even dizzy. These symptons will go away shortly, nevertheless you need to ensure that you do not overdose your pet. Keep testing your dog every now and then to make sure that there’s no long term damage due to these medicines.

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