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Do’s and Don’ts of IPL Hair Removal

July 21, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

Hair removal has been a thorny (or hairy) issue for most of people. No matter what we do, hair always manages to grow back, regardless of the number of times you shave, pluck or wax. And it’s not your fault either; it’s just a natural process – it’s in the DNA, left over from our ancestors who needed hair to keep warm.
Wax, Razors and shaving creams were the preferred tools for the job, but most people threw them out once laser technology became an effective method of hair removal. And research has not stopped there – now IPL is a hair removal method which guarantees near permanent hair removal.

IPL stands for intense pulsed light; a method that uses light beams converted to heat energy that burns of the hair follicles at their shafts, effectively prolonging the time it takes for the hair follicle to grow back. It is much safer and cheaper than Laser hair removal, and is the preferred mode of hair removal for most people. However, it requires professionals to perform the procedure, and if you are considering booking an appointment at your local beauty shop, consult first with an expert.

Like any other procedure, there exist risks and benefits. The same applies to IPL hair removal. An expert can inform you before undergoing the technique. Let’s explore the dos and don’ts of IPL hair removal, so you know exactly what to expect.


Do consider time – If you are planning to go for IPL hair removal, you should know that it takes a number of sessions for it to be effective. It is basically recommended that 2 to 7 sessions should do the trick. Every session takes about an hour at most. This means that you should make time on your schedule for this.

Do consider the costs – The procedure is relatively cheap compared to laser hair removal technologies, but not entirely cheap. If you are planning to go for all sessions, prepare to set aside a budget. Make sure you have the resources to make this process go as smoothly as possible, so your sessions don’t get interrupted and you’ll have to start all over again.

Do prepare before your first session – As mentioned before, the process involves burning the hair follicles at the shafts. To do this effectively, the light electron beams should be able to reach this level. To allow for this, shave lightly a few days before going for the procedure, but not entirely (otherwise what would be the purpose!). The shaving just eases the work to be done.

Do expect some discomfort – Some pain is usually associated with the IPL hair removal method, but not much though. Some people describe it as stinging sensation. Be prepared for that, but don’t be scared off. It’s not like the trip to the dentist.


Don’t forget to check if you are eligible – The procedure is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, or ones with allergic reactions that show on the skin. The allergic reaction would occur on contact with the gel used during the procedure. People with dark skin are also are not good candidates for IPL hair removal, as the procedure will cause more harm than good.

Don’t touch your skin – If you do undergo the procedure, it is advisable not to rub the affected skin after the whole process. It may feel itchy, but do not rub. This may bring more complications for you, namely small rashes and pimples may appear. To avoid this ensure you are provided with a gel to help with the itchiness.

After a series of sessions, permanent hair reduction can be guaranteed. With the above information, you can decide if IPL is something you would be willing to undergo.

For more information on IPL hair removal, visit the Fabulous IPL website. We offer painless & permanent hair removal in Singapore. IPL hair removal results guaranteed!

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