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Don’t Worry About Braces

July 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

For the older generation, apart from music, the heavy metal bands were also synonymous to the clunky metal wirings that they had to wear in their mouth to set their teeth straight.. Unlike the metal mouth look of the previous generations, braces of today look and feel a lot different. Not only do the newer braces do a better job in line with teeth movement but they sit comfortable and look better too.

Earlier on, it wasn’t until all the set teeth had come in, that braces were put. Nowadays, with the advent of a number of dental devices and orthodontic appliances, dental treatment need not be pushed for later and can be done now to help set the teeth in so that braces can be avoided early. With many options available, adult patients who make up about 20 percent of orthodontic patients are opting to straighten their teeth.

In the United States today, around 4.5 million people can be found using some orthodontic appliance, for healthier teeth and a prettier smile, as per AAO or the American Association of Orthodontists. To ensure their safety and effectiveness, these appliances have been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The purpose of braces isn’t just limited to attaining a dazzling smile. Their main purpose, in fact, is to better the health and function of the teeth. They are used to correct the crookedness and/or over crowding of the teeth, in order to facilitate better cleaning as well as flossing, in turn preventing many dental problems, including tooth decay.

Apart from giving respite from various gum diseases and tooth and bone loss, braces also help in stopping severe bite problems which hinder eating. The problem of bites is when the lower and upper jaws don’t align. Aside from pain, if this continues, you will not be able to chew as good. The teeth of most people in existence are apparently not naturally straight.

Orthodontic treatment, indeed, can be of use to about 75% people, according to the estimates presented by the AAO. Two of the main causes of crooked teeth and bite problem are hereditary and environmental factors according to the president of AAO and an orthodontist is Westerville. Too much spacing between teeth, upper and lower jaws that don’t match when biting, and over crowding of teeth are all problems that are hereditary. If you figure in a jolting accident, it is highly possible that your chompers will become crooked.

When it comes to braces, they serve as a guard that will shift the teeth. The effectiveness of these mouth pieces depends on the metal arches involved. It is important for latex bands to be utilized as well in this case.

An arch wire was present in the older braces too, but it connected large and individually wrapped metal bands, which were cemented around every individual tooth. However unwelcome, discomfort and pain while putting on and adjustment of the braces were undeniable. A lot more than a nudge was required to put these braces on. When it comes to these, metal supports are used.

When it comes to these, glue is utilized to stick things together. The specialized glue actually contains fluoride for the enamel. In line with braces, even the metal bands have been perfected for modern day use. Regular adjustments or even replacement of the arch wire, by the orthodontist is required, for maintaining the desired pressure level. But the good news is that the arch wires survive for longer period now, which means that patients do not have to place constant visits to get them adjusted.

The variety of braces available today, allow a person to almost hide the braces, with the least obvious ones, or even to show them off, with the fashionably colored ones. Colors are especially in style amongst children and teenagers who choose colors according to their favorites, from their favorite sports team to depending on themes or special occasions such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day. These colors are only on the elastic ties that are attached to the metal wires through brackets and therefore can be changed or removed when the arch wire is adjusted. Variety of colors can now be seen in the hollowed wires and the rubber bands too.

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