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Discover why oolong tea is getting far more common?

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Black tea has prolonged been a well-liked consume while in the West, particularly in nations such as the United kingdom and Ireland in which a cup or mug of milky black tea is definitely an crucial aspect in the day for a lot of people.

Regardless of the popularity of black tea, Westerners have until finally rather recently been sluggish to catch on to green and oolong tea – these two varieties of tea are much more widely drunk in Asian nations, specifically China and Japan.

Nonetheless, Westerners are starting to drink green and oolong teas in significantly better quantities – especially oolong tea.

Why is oolong tea specifically gaining in popularity? Effectively, more and more people are finding out in regards to the multitude of well being benefits linked with both green and oolong tea.

Both these kind of tea include higher amounts of beneficial anti-oxidants than black tea, as a result of way that they’re created; black tea is subjected to a thorough oxidation process for the duration of manufacture, although oolong tea is partially oxidized and green tea is just not oxidized in any way.

The truth that oolong tea is partially oxidized implies that it gets the most effective of both worlds in tea phrases – it’s each bit as flavourful as black tea (a lot more on this afterwards), nevertheless it still retains a higher level of anti-oxidants.

If you are asking yourself about the exact nature of all individuals wellbeing benefits associated with oolong tea, the listing is actually an extended 1: it lessens blood pressure and blood glucose ranges, it can be efficient at healing skin eczema, it flushes harmful toxins out of your body and it will help avert tooth decay!

But possibly the most well-known advantage related with oolong tea – which almost certainly goes a lot with the method to explaining its improved popularity – may be the indisputable fact that it could really enable you to drop bodyweight, if you mix it that has a sensible diet program and physical exercise strategy.

What is more, oolong tea is actually better for weight reduction than green tea, because of to its higher amounts of body fat burning attributes.

Acquiring again to what we mentioned earlier: the flavour. What does oolong tea style like? The solution is always that the flavor varies relying not simply on exactly where the tea was grown but in addition on the precise degree of oxidation and just how much moisture it retains for the duration of processing.

Typically speaking, the much less oxidized, moister types of oolong tea have a fragile, flowery taste that is certainly nearer to that of green tea, whilst the greater heavily oxidized/drier leaves have an earthier flavour far more akin to black tea.

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