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Different Specie Of Indoor Trees That You Can Find For Homes And Offices

May 5, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Business

Indoor trees come in a variety of styles and can become hobbies along with growing fruits to eat. Each of these types requires varying levels of care including regulating the amounts of light they receive and feeding them special kinds of food. One thing they all have in common is their need to be pruned on a regular basis to keep them healthy and giving providing them a chance for long life spans.

The bonsai tree is arguably one of the most popular plants in this area because they are easy to maintain and provide hours of enjoyment. This species thrives in areas that are above fifty degrees and this means inside and outside areas. These plants also can be left alone for periods of time and will survive on their own.

Citrus types are another popular style of tree that is available for home owners to purchase. The different types include dwarf lime, orange, tangerine, pomegranate, and banana to name a few. With the addition of all the fruits there are also vegetables such as tomatoes that can be grown inside rather than outside.

When it comes to adding a desert feeling to a room or office, an inside palm tree is the perfect addition. These items are available at nurseries and home garden centers that sell plants of all types and make them readily available for purchase. Some palms do not require lots of light and are great for lower lighted areas such as offices and sitting rooms.

Palms require lots of water and need to be set in rich well drained soil and they love their sunlight. Some species require less light than others, so make sure to do homework before purchasing. The best kinds of soils recommended for members of this species are soil with loam, peat moss, sand and leaf mold.

Another type of inside tree that is commonly found in homes and offices are the tropical species. Fiddle leaf fig and weeping fig are two common types of tropical plants found all over the world. The drawback with this species is their reputation of being a tad bit finicky, this attitude leads to them dropping leaves when the temperature in the room changes or they are moved to a different location.

The Dracaena species is a low light tree that does not require as much care and light as citrus and ficus species. This makes them great for office environments and low light restaurants where the employees are too busy to take constant care of their plants. Two of the most common coloring schemes include wide leaves with a yellow stripe running down them and narrow leaves with burgundy edges.

The best way to care for dracaena is to allow the soil to dry out in between watering times and keep the humidity raised by placing the tree in a base compiled of gravel and water. Another step is to feed them with fertilizer on a monthly basis. Indoor trees range in size and care practices depending on the species chosen, it is very important to properly research each type before purchasing them so they are given the best chance to survive.

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