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Detect Diabetes Type Two Symptoms

June 15, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Diabetes

Diabetes Type Two can happen to anyone living anywhere especially during old age! So keep yourself well informed and equipped by learning and understanding the diabetes Type Two symptoms.
The most common type of diabetes, Diabetes Type Two is the metabolic disorder characterized by high blood glucose due to low production of insulin within the body by vital organs like pancreas leading to insulin deficiency. The resistance developed by the body towards insulin by preventing it to enter cells in the body also leads to Diabetes Type Two. Diabetes Type Two is also known as Adult-Onset Diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus and Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) in the medical world. Unlike Diabetes Type One, Diabetes Type Two can only be deducted during old age. In several serious cases of Diabetes Type Two, complications of high blood pressure as led to increased risks of severe heart attacks, strokes, disability caused by amputation and Kidney failures. Loss of hearing, eye sight and cognitive ability can be attributed as effects of Diabetes Type Two. Diabetes Type Two symptoms help in detecting and identifying Diabetes Type Two in the human body.
How is Diabetes Type Two caused?
According to the world’s biggest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the causes of Diabetes two that leads to detection of Diabetes Type Two symptoms, can be differentiated into three main categories
a) Lifestyle
b) Medical Conditions
c) Genetically
Medical surveys and research conducted around the world have identified Obesity as the single most important factor that lead to Diabetes Type Two. Unhealthy lifestyle including excessive or irregular eating patterns which affect the metabolism of the body can lead to Diabetes Type Two.
Medical Conditions
Hyper tension and cholesterol combined with condition medically termed as metabolic syndrome can lead to Diabetes Type Two. Other medical factors include acromegaly , cushing’s syndrome ,thyrotoxicosis , pheochromocytoma , chronic pancreatitis, cancer, and drugs.
Diabetes also belongs to the long list of diseases, infections and medical conditions that can be caused through hereditarily or genetically. A blood relation suffering from Diabetes Type Two may also be the cause for other members of the family to have Diabetes Type Two.
Risk factors that lead to Diabetes Type Two symptoms:
? The emergence of old age especially during or after the 45 age mark
? The detection of Polycystic ovarian syndrome
? A history of high blood pressure
? Belongingness to a particular ethnicity or race
? The identification of Gestational Diabetes mostly common during pregnancy
The Diabetes Type Two Symptoms
The following is the list of diabetes Type Two Symptoms that lead to the detection of Diabetes Type Two in the human body.
? Blurred Vision – Affected visibility of one’s eyes can be signs of Diabetes Type Two
? Erectile Dysfunction – Inability of males to arouse themselves can also be indicators to Diabetes Type Two.
? Increased Urination – Frequent visits to the restroom are also causes of worry.
? Increased Thirst – Inability to quench one’s thirst may be a symptom
? Fatigue -Frequent weakness and tiredness can also lead to Diabetes Type Two.
This understanding of Diabetes Type Two symptoms can help be better prepared and well equipped in the times to come.

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