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Converting your Iphone 4 is there any point.

July 16, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

It began approx 2-3 years back when Apple unvield the long awaited Iphone 4, finally they did, you were able to have any version you wanted as long as it was Black, they did promise to bring out the White version but this was put back time and time again.

Understandably people started to get a little angry about this, notwithstanding a young fellow (17 years old) from America came up with a novel idea, he loacted someone from China that supplied conversion kits for the Black Iphone 4, bam, next thing you know this mastermind had sold nearly two hundred thousand worth of these kits, he had accomplished what Apple failed to do and make people happy or supplied White Iphone 4′s, granted you had to have pre-owned a Black one to start with but hey you did get a White one.

One point that this young whizz did not realise was that he could also have sold them as replacement screens and backs for having a cracked screen on an Iphone 4, because in reality, these wonderful mini computers don’t bounce very well ,at all, infact I do not know any that have survived, so what you end up with is an original in Black Iphone 4 that you have to take to the menders (which would have been Apple or one of it’s authorised repair centres) at great expense to the idiot who dropped it.

Lets get back to the young man from New York, he also showed people how to remove and replace the spare parts which also saved even more money, now lets introduce Apple who saw what this young man was doing and to closed him down, lets face it Apple must have been quivering in their boots worrying about this young mans capability, $200,000 against a $100 billion dollar company, is it any wonder they closed down his operation, he had provided customers what they could not but also showed them how to fit convert them

If you search on the internet today there are many many companies auctioning these Black to colour conversion kits on the web, now that Apple have eventually brought out the White version of the Iphone 4 is not slowing sales, you see quite a number of people are taking the kits and converting Black iphone 4′s with mangled lcd’s and hey viola you have got yourself an almost new White Iphone 4, you can now buy them in almost any colour you want, including Gold & Silver.

Are they worth having, you really should look as to what you expect to get from the converting kits, I think, now, if you shattered your beloved iphone 4 and smashed it to pieces and fancied a new look for your iphone then yes they are absolutely worth going for, if you want a new iphone 4 in White then its easier to purchase one from Apple but if you then broke that, then look no further than a conversion kit, they are a cheaper way to get your iphone repaired or sawp the colourcolorE of them.

Mick has been selling Black to White iphone conversion kits in the Uk, he also offers a conversion service.

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