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Commercial And Domestic Steal Buildings And Metal Buildings

May 28, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Travel and Leisure

Although steel and metal buildings have been around for over a century, the construction industry is still finding new methods of using these materials. Steal structures can be created speedily, creating a structure with longevity and strength. Other methods of building such as timber and brick structures are no longer as popular because they are slower.

One of the methods employed over the last hundred years has been steel frame construction. Most sky scrapers that we see in large cities employ this method. For steel structures like this, the skeleton of structure is made of bolted together steel sections. Once the frame is in place, the rest of the building is constructed.

Steel is also stronger, and therefore able to support heavier weight. This means that we are able to construct much taller office blocks and apartments than other methods of construction. This is why high rise buildings use steal frames.

Tall structures are not the only use for steal and metal in construction. In an agricultural setting, corrugated steal buildings are used for storage of crops and equipment. In factories, the strong materials are used to create a frame over which an alloy covering is placed to make the walls and ceiling. In this way, a large, open space for factory machinery or assembly lines is created.

Inner city sites are usually limited in terms of space, and so this method of construction is particularly suited to these sites. The parts can all be fabricated off site and then delivered as and when needed to be assembled on site. In this way, the large space required for the fabrication and storage of parts does not have to be in the city or near the site.

This type of technology is not limited to commercial uses such as high rise offices. Domestic users can also benefit from the growing popularity these materials have gained in the construction of smaller out buildings like sheds and garages. These can be purchased and delivered to the home straight from the manufacturer or supplier.

The benefit of having a shed or garage made of steel is that it is often longer lasting than those constructed of the more traditional wood. Wood is susceptible to mould and rot, whereas steel, if it is properly treated, has none of these failings and will last much longer. Your metal shed will not require yearly sanding and varnishing, making it much easier and cheaper to maintain, even if the initial cost may be higher.

A method of construction that is growing in popularity is the prefabrication. This can be used for domestic construction of homes where the house is built, in parts, in a large factory. It is then brought to the site at the appropriate time when the foundations are laid. The house is then put together very quickly. The steal parts can easily be covered so that the house appears to be of traditional construction types so that it does not clash with neighbouring homes.

And so it is easy to see how metal buildings are taking over in popularity from traditional construction methods because of the variety of usages one can get from these structures. These materials are able to satisfy the needs of a great number of individuals and businesses.

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