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Clients, Lawyers, And The Legal Profession

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Legal

Nowadays, there have not been a lot of changes that persist when you compare early modern lawyers with modern ones. In the case of these lawyers, they acted as political and legal counsels to princely houses, municipalities, and religious houses and they were responsible for courtroom defenses and a number of them held positions in court and royal administration. There has been a growing demand for the kinds of people who have technical and specialized legal skills to offer considering how our world has changed not only economically but socially as well. There have been some changes when it comes to the functions and organization of lawyers with the passage of time but for the early modern lawyers, they had a great deal of influence in Europe during their time.

From elite jurists to legal artisans, you will find a lot of variety and diversity when it comes to the lawyers of early modern Europe. Never have notaries been on the same playing field as practicing lawyers. This distinction was evident in the Italian guild of judge lawyers and notaries. Everything from deeds to contracts to marriage agreements to wills are dealt with through notaries. The legal profession is separated into a number of different functions.

As a lawyer, you can handle the procedural aspects of cases or spend your time with substantive legal issues. One barrister is one person who was trained in jurisprudence. He offered legal advice to clients and presented oral or written arguments to the court. Lawyers dealt with questions of fact while these barristers dealt with questions of law.

Less prestigious than a barrister was an attorney. An attorney still has a solid place in society though. It is the attorney who needs to handle the formalities of the lawsuits not to mention represent the claims of clients in court and give them legal advice when necessary.

A barrister is pretty important if you need to take care of a question of law that required greater expertise. It is a full-fledged jurist, a barrister that has the right of audience unlike an attorney. Even in the past, although there is no strict ruling pertaining to it, clients never contacted barristers directly; attorneys were tasked with such a job. Universities are optional paths for attorneys as they can learn their skills through clerkship or apprenticeship.

Involved in the legal profession are monetary rewards not to mention a respectable status and this serves to encourage people to become lawyers. The best source of lucrative practices for barristers lay in becoming consultants to leading princely houses, ecclesiastical institutions, towns, and corporate bodies.

Little is known about legal fees. When it comes to the legal profession, different income levels come with each particular function. Through the years, a number of lawyers have relied on excessive fees.

People are easily influenced by what men with legal training say. What these men brought about was renaissance humanism. During the earlier period in Europe, a lot of influence and power were held by these men who were able to get positions which were at the forefront of intellectual inquiry and challenge.

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