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Chocolate Diamond Rings: Expanding in Fashionableness

July 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Jewelry

Chocolate diamonds are also known as champagne diamonds and brown diamonds. These are all distinct names for the same product. Chocolate diamond rings are an priceless jewelry choice that are in a class of their own. Chocolate diamond rings hold an built-in charm and sophistication that makes them a tremendous jewelry choice. But these choice gemstones haven’t always been as appreciated and popularly used as several different diamond shades. In fact until the late 1980′s, brown diamonds were primarily overlooked, and not used to make jewelry pieces. At that time Australia started to improve their marketing of brown diamonds, because the vast majority (over 75%) of their largest diamond mine (the Argyle mine) consists of brown diamonds.

Chocolate diamonds happen to be actually the most commonly found natural diamond on Earth. These diamonds are actually the most commonly mined diamonds in Australia, where close to 30% of the all the world’s diamonds are found from. Numerous brown diamonds happen to be really gold to bronze in color, making them a lovely shade to complement a gold setting. The tone of these rocks make them the perfect selection for brown diamond rings. Lighter shades of brown on the diamond color scale are good tones for jewelry that can be worn casually, and seem to go along well with several accessories.

Darker brown chocolate rings are also amazing, multiple of these colored diamonds hold a rich brown chocolate color that adds a little more drama. There are numerous delightful collections of brown diamond rings that additionally are found with coordinating necklaces, earrings, or brooches. Brown diamonds happen to be particularly complemented through yellow gold settings, that are apt to draw out related shades from the gems themselves.

While chocolate brown diamond rings only recently started to be used for jewelry, their popularity has grown explosively. And it’s easy to see why. They are a stunning, exquisite shade that looks divine in any framework. At times these stones may be enveloped by clear diamonds to produce a delicate piece. They additionally appear superb when set with or close brown or copper colored pearls.

When used for necklaces, there are a comprehensive variety of styles to select from. Multiple times a darker brown diamond is embedded in the center with smaller, lighter colored brown diamonds surrounding it. This could be paired with brown diamond rings and earrings that possess the particular same, or comparable background styles. The larger the carat of diamond, the more the gem may stand on it’s own, and does not need different diamonds or different gems to surround it. Even though some smaller diamonds happen to be increasingly striking when embedded in a framework with different gems near it, pearls, or other choice rocks. Anyway you slice it, brown diamonds have made their entrance into the accessories market, and once you understand their intrinsic beauty, elegance, and sophistication, it’s understandable why they have become such a treasure among diamond and accessory connoisseurs.

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