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Carry your bike with bicycle racks

July 14, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Recreation and Sports

Are you getting tired of the aggravation of trying to stuff your bike into the car? A car bike rack not only gets rid of this headache, but it also frees up a bunch of room in your vehicle.

Strap-on Trunk Racks

A trunk rack has ties that attach one, two or often three bikes to your car’s trunk, bumper or hatchback. The frame of the bicycle sits on plastic-coated or cushioned support arms.
This is typically the right sort to have for small vehicles, rented vehicles, or if you are planning to utilize it on more than one car.
Trunk racks easy to store, and they fit a wide variety of vehicles. It’s easy to raise bikes onto them.
This type of rack is the least secure from thieves and is the most likely to let your bikes to get scratched. You have to check the straps periodically to ensure they aren’t working free or are becoming frayed. And you won’t be able to access the trunk with a trunk rack on.
This kind isn’t recommended for tandem bikes.

Hitch Racks

Because a hitch rack goes on a trailer hitch, it’s less prone to damage the car than a trunk hitch is. With some of these racks, the bicycles need to be secured to the carrier, while with other types secure the bicycles in mounting “trays.”
These racks are the fastest to mount; just slide them onto the hitch. Hitch racks are the easiest type to put the bicycles onto. With certain hitch racks, you can carry your bicycle without having to take the wheels off.
Some hitch racks are prone to allowing yourbicycles scratch each other. Some hitch racks aren’t easy to lock your bike onto. Hitch racks block part of the driver’s view out of the back window.

Roof Racks

If you already have a standard roof rack on your car, you can buy a bicycle rack that atttaches to it. If you don’t, you can put up a permanent bike rack by drilling holes in the roof. Or you might install a standard rack for generalized carrying and then also buy a bike rack to attach to it.
An additional choice is to buy a removable roof rack with mounting feet that attaches to your car’s door frames or rain gutters. These racks racks are available for any make and model of automobile.
Roof racks carry more bikes than hitch or trunk racks, and they also give you the most protection from bicycle thieves. But they also create the most wind noise and drag, which lowers your gas mileage somewhat, and they’re generally the trickiest to install and use.

Specialty Racks

If you carry a spare tire on the rear of your vehicle, you can get a spare tire bicycle carrier that attaches to it. But these can hold no more than two bikes. They fold whenever they aren’t being used.
You can also get specialty racks designed for pickup trucks or for using inside vans or SUVs.

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