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Caring For Your New Cat

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Pets

Cats are pretty independent creatures, and sometimes appear to have the attitude that they have no need for you. But in fact, there is actually quite a bit that goes into caring for the cat. It is not really all that easy to keep them happy and healthy. Also to make the situation much more complex, the various varieties and kinds of cats can require additional care because of their unique physiology. As an example, cats with flat faces (brachycephalic structure) have certain issues, as do cats with longer hair. This all signifies that you absolutely do have to put time into choosing the best cat for a pet, and also realizing what it takes to look after your new friend.

Like I said previously, flat-faced cats have special issues: they often times can’t breathe as well as more longer-faced cats because their noses and nasal cavities are, well, “smooshed.” And if one doesn’t realize the problems with longer-haired cats, then you’ve probably never owned a cat! That’s fine, so this is a tip to help you get started: they’re going to need brushing at the least more than once a month to help keep the hair from matting, to help keep the kitty from having hairball issues, and particularly to keep your furniture from looking like it’s growing a coat of it’s own!

Although cats do sleep a great deal, they will must have a little exercise. In case your cat lives indoors, you will observe them jumping, climbing, and flying (well, almost!) to keep themselves amused and in shape. A thing you’ll definitely want to acquire for your indoor cat is a scratching post. You need to train your cat to scratch that so that they will hopefully avoid tearing up your curtains and furniture. When they get into the habit of using your couch or chair as a scratching post, you’ll have an extremely hard time breaking that habit. You may need to try and serve two purposes by getting a “cat condo” kind of multi-tiered structure that will supply your cat with a combination jungle gym and scratching post.

You’ve certainly realized that your cat will be needing cat food, but have you given much thought to making certain that you’re obtaining the right cat food? Undoubtedly, cats are famous for their choosy ways on the subject of food, but you do need to supply them with food that’s balanced and nutritious. As a bonus, some foods have compounds that help in reducing hairballs and keep off unwanted weight too.

Indoor cats will also require a kitty litter box. You can get different varieties available, and it is really up to you to pick out one that your cat feels comfortable with. Some cats, for instance, get afraid of those automatic kinds. When you do pick one that utilizes moving parts and motors, be sure you get one as soon as you can so the cat can get used to it.

Finally, ensure that you’re taking your cat to the vet regularly. This is not only for vaccinations and checkups, but you also may want to think about getting your cat fixed in order to keep from being a parent to multiple cats unexpectedly. One thing you may not know is that a cat won’t hesitate to mate with a brother, sister, or perhaps a parent. Also, you won’t have to endure hearing your cat howling for a new “friend” in the middle of the night when it’s in heat. And with male cats, you will be able to protect yourself from that territorial spraying that they’re going to be prone to.

Speaking of furballs and cats, another great way to take care of your cat is with a cat deshedding tool and other types of pet grooming products.

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