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Care of the Flower Garden

February 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Business

It is highly important for a person having a flower garden to know about several ideas on caring them properly. That way, the plants will grow healthy. So to have a healthy flower garden, here are some tips that can help you.

1. The essentials must always be given major consideration.

Water, fertile soil and sunlight should always be considered when you want your flowers to be perfectly healthy. Missing out even one of these important requisites may be detrimental to your plants. Moreover, flowers require more water during dry seasons.

With regards to bulbs, the depth measurement should always be precise. The stems of perennials and shrubs should not be mulched up as well since it could lose the ability to absorb the water. Furthermore, their stems would decay due to lack of water.

2. Mix and match perennials with annuals.

It can be a good idea to mix two groups of plants such as those that can grow and bloom for one season only (annuals) and plants which will be blooming for many years (perennials). That way, you can always look forward to blooming most of the time.

3. Deadheading

Deadheading is simply snipping off the flower head after it wilts. This will make the plant produce more flowers. Just make sure that you don’t discard the deadhead on the garden or mildew and other plant disease will attack your plants.

4. Distinguish insects that are beneficial and harmful to plants.

There are several insects that can contribute benefits to the plants like bees, beetles and butterflies. Their ability to transfer pollen from one plant to another plant can promote good health. As a matter of fact, as much as 80% of plants with flowers are reliant on these bugs to maintain their lives.

Sowbugs and dung beetles together with fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms are necessary to help in the decomposition of dead plant material, thus enriching the soil and making more nutrients available to growing plants.

If there are insects that can help these plants, there are also predators which can damage them and examples of those harmful insects are dragonflies and lacewings.

Should you wish to maintain a longer blooming period for your flowering plants, try using a liquid fertilizer. But remember to not overuse this product.

In conclusion, it is vital to cut a branch once it is already damaged or dead. This can promote new growth of plants since the branch that you have trimmed will continue to grow.

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