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Can You Really Claim Free Land Or Property?

July 10, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Staking claim on free land or property is a practice that has been prevalent since ancient times. Infact, if one cares to open his childhood history books, one can get countless instances of this throughout history.

The example of new settlers coming to America and claiming the free land by building houses and farmlands on it can be sited as an example of this from history.

The recent world similarly, has many millions of such vacant plots of land lying unused, unclaimed and unregistered waiting for someone to claim them and put it to good use.

The primary step towards this for you is to identify the plot of land on which you would stake your claim. Be selective and do some detective work in order to find the right plot of land for yourself.

A property which is unclaimed or unused always has some sure signs about it. You have to identify these signs which include derelicts, unused garages, broken or bordered up windows, overgrown gates and gardens and even abandoned commercial premises and industrial buildings.

Remember that if you drive around instead of walking around your locality, chances are that these subtle hints or these non-obvious signs of unclaimed property would always escape your notice.

Remember, that these signs are not that obvious and you would not identify them unless you go for a regular walk around your local neighborhood. Drive around and you may miss these sure signs of unclaimed property.

If your selected piece of land is already registered, it might mean different things. For once, the owner might be dead without any relatives or may be that the relatives are there but have no interest in the said property. Infact it might also be the case that he has abandoned it for good and left the country altogether.

Coming to the second instance of the land not being registered, it simply means that it has never been registered previously and that it has no owner. So essentially it is ripe for claiming though your owner tracing activity is going to become more difficult.

On the other hand, unregistered land can mean it has no owner and is ripe for claiming or put simply the owner has never registered the land which then makes it hard to trace the owner.

You need to involve yourself in owner tracing after registration check since proof of your attempts to do the same would be required at the time of staking the claim.

A helpful hint would be to go and ask the neighbors first. Remember that immediate neighbors would know the most about the owner. Other parties include the local post office, electoral rolls, milkman, landlord, newsagents and in some cases the probate registry office (for instances where the owner is dead)

Even though there is no compulsion whatsoever regarding submission of any documents to the land registry, it is always a good thing to keep evidence of one’s claim start date. Hence, one can draw up a document stating the same and get two friends or colleagues sign it as witnesses.

Moreover, creating a ‘No Trespassing’ Sign and putting it up a small fence around your property would quickly bring back any owner who might have existed.

You can make money while the long claiming period gets over. This period can even go upto 10 or 12 years and what you can do in between is either rent out the land or hold events like boot sales and the like.

The people who come to help the most in such cases are undoubtedly the immediate neighbors to the plot of land since hardly anybody wants to stay beside an old derelict having overgrown gardens with garbage strewn ponds.

Various CDs and booklets are available which tell you about the rules and laws regarding adverse possession legislation. There are also many websites which carry out the detective work of finding out information about the original owner which you can avail.

All such informative materials can be put to good use in your claim on a free plot of land.

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