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But Is My Flat Screen Television Straight?

July 17, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Others

Associates, Romans, and countrymen. About 4 minutes and 10 years in the past, I purchased a top of the line Panasonic flat display television. At the time, all my mates had the outdated rounded tube screens. These screens just could not hold up to the superb quality and resolution that I had with my flat screen.

A few months later, a superb buddy of mine purchased a Sony flat display screen tv that was twice the size of my Panasonic. I was instantly jealous because I could not afford such an costly television. My friend clearly bought it to upstage me and make everyone assume that my flat screen was rubbish next to his. He claimed he simply wanted a much bigger display screen for his wife and kids to watch movies, however I found that very onerous to believe. Folks ALWAYS try to out do me in everything. EVERYONE is just as competitive as I am. It’s merely the nature of man and my friend is no exception.

But once I took a detailed look at his TV, I saw visible resolution lines in the screen. The display screen was too big for the old tube technology. My pal had tried to buy a better TV than mine and ended up caught with an outsized piece of junk. You had to sit at the least a couple of ft away from the screen to not see the lines. On my Panasonic, you could have your nostrils an inch away from the display screen and no resolution lines would be visible. HA! I was victorious in the TV cold war.

Evidently, the flat screen tube TVs of 10 years ago are just not that impressive anymore. The reality is, they are pretty much a dead technology these days. My friend now owns a fifty inch Plasma television so I bought a fifty two inch in retaliation. Once more, WE ARE AT WAR!!!

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