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Best Workout Songs

July 6, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

What do you think are the best workout songs for getting you motivated and pumped up in the gym when lifting weights?
Most people would simply pick aggressive songs from their favorite bands or artists, or rely on the “gym dj” to play good workout music. However, neither of these would be considered the best workout songs for a workout music playlist when compared to songs created strategically for listening to when cross training or lifting weights.
When my training partners and I used to request our gym dj, the guy controlling the gym music, to play the songs that worked best for us, then the other guys would get upset and go request him to change it back. A lot of the “best workout songs” lists on the internet are made up of aggressive metal or hip hop songs, and there seems to be a strong contrast along with strong animosity between the users/fans of each respective genre. At the same time, there are a number of songs that exercisers consider good for training that come from movie soundtracks.
So which genre between Metal and Hip Hop makes the best workout songs? The short answer is, neither.
I’m going to be dealing with this subject from the mindset of, what would work best if played in the actual gym environment, over the loudspeakers, by the gym dj. Then we’ll briefly discuss the idea of how to determine the best workout songs with case studies.
The reality is, that while a lot of metal and hip hop music does seem to work well, most of it contains lyrics that are not exactly G-Rated material, if you know what I mean.
In the gym, there are many different people with many different morals and beliefs, religions or lack thereof, or just personal preferences. Some may find the lyrics of someone’s ideas of the best workout songs offensive, due to swearing/profanity, or just what the artist is talking about in general.
Now, if you were to take away the words, then everyone could most likely benefit without offending anyone. This is because the music itself, being the instrumental is what’s most responsible for the positive effects of the best workout songs.
The best workout songs could be a hybrid of different genres that have beat per minute numbers known to improve the performance of the body, and also known for taking the brain to its deepest levels of active focus. This is the same technique that film music composers use to really create moods and feelings to movies. If you ever want to learn just how important the music is to your total enjoyment of a movie, try getting a cut of it without the music. You will see that the music is responsible for 2/3 of the movie, more so than the pictures!
But some readers would say “that’s why I take my own best workout songs to the gym and put on my headphones.” While that is a great solution, there is still a need to address that those songs may still not be the best workout songs, since they are not technically real “workout songs” per-say.
Although your personal list of best workout songs are probably better than what the gym is playing for music, there is potential that your best workout songs list could actually be a distraction from your focus and intensity.
According to the results of a study done years back, music that does not speak to the activity being performed can be a distraction that leads to sloppy form, which not only leads to sloppy results, but can ultimately lead to injury. Injury will keep you out of the gym, and as a result will set you back extra weeks from achieving your fitness goals. So your list of the best workout songs for you, can end up being trouble if not selected properly.
This is another reason why some gyms may want to “play it safe” when choosing the music they play over the gym speakers. (This is just speculation though. Some gym music just plain sucks no matter how you spin it)
All this, as I mentioned in other posts, is what led me to doing further research, and ultimately the decision to use my music creation ability to develop what current MusicForMuscles customers are calling the Best Workout Songs for SUPERCHARGING your workouts.
Of course, you are free to try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.
But every song that I create for your workout playlist goes through a series of tests in my own workouts, as well as a random selection of people that I meet in the gym. I even go into the great detail of optimizing the music to sound best in the earbud headphones that are most commonly worn in the gym. There are certain principles from the case studies that I use, in my goal to create what even exercise scientists would consider, the best workout songs.
We’ll dig deeper into the science behind MusicForMuscles in a later article.

Until then, download one of the best workout songs ever created for lifting weights according to champion and pro weightlifters and bodybuilders from around the world. Get your weight lifting song for free at and be sure to Make Your NEXT Workout, Your BEST Workout!

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