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Best Workout Music

July 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

If you listen to music while exercising, then you probably have assembled what you would consider to be the best workout music in your iPod or mp3 player.
Many fitness enthusiasts and experts are talking about the benefits of exercise music playlists and listening to workout music while exercising. However, just taking your favorite rock songs or pop songs and playing them as exercise songs during your workouts doesn’t mean they should be labeled the best workout music.
Of course, everyone is entitled to whatever they feel is best for them when it comes to defining their idea of their own best workout music that works for them. But, there are a few points that anyone looking to improve their workouts through the use of music should consider.
For one, most of people’s list of best workout music was not originally intended for use while exercising. While there is a genre of workout music that is helpful for aerobics classes and individuals performing cardiovascular exercise, this music is not the best workout music for listening to while lifting weights. It is not common to find music created specifically for lifting weights, even though scientific tests have proven that certain types of audio can lead to an improvement in strength as well, and not just cardiovascular exercise endurance.
This works by means of distracting a person’s focus from fatigue, “pshycing” them up through mental arousal, the improvement of motor coordination, and an increase in hormones that lead to the relaxation of muscle fatigue.
Even though there is plenty of evidence that suggests that workout music can help you have some of your best workouts, could there really be such a thing as “best workout music?”
Is there a right and wrong type of music to listen to while lifting weights?
In one particular study, scientists conducted a physical strength test to determine the effect of different types of audio on a person’s muscular strength and endurance.
One investigation with college aged males and females tested Music Type A against Music Type B, and the control in this experiment was white noise (sound from a blank cassette tape).
The results showed that subjects who listened to Music Type A displayed significantly higher levels of strength than those who listened to any of the other types of music. Those in the study who listened to Music Type B while performing the strength test displayed significantly lower levels of strength compared to both the Music Type A, and the white noise!
This basically means that music type b caused the subjects to be weaker than those who listened to no music at all. The subjects who listened to nothing but white hissing noise displayed significantly higher levels of strength than those who listened to the “wrong type of music!”
So, based on this scientific study, one could conclude that, maybe there is such a thing as the best workout music.
This also means that even though you may already be taking your iPod to the gym with you, if you are listening to the wrong type of music, you could actually be doing more damage to your strength and weight lifting workouts than good.
When I first stumbled upon this information, I couldn’t believe it. However, when i remembered my previous experiences in the gym years ago, it all made sense. When regular workout music was played while my partners and I tried to lift weights, we had okay workouts. But when certain songs played, we had our best workouts.
From that, we determined that we should create a list of what we thought would be the best workout music. However, just like everyone else, we did this by taking regular songs that we like listening to for recreational purposes. We thought it was the best workout music ever, and we definitely had better workouts. But after researching a bit more, I learned how much of a distraction this could be, and that it really wasn’t the best workout music at all.
The best workout music is the kind that further enhances and instills focus on what you are doing. I became further fascinated with the science of these reports and studies performed by exercise scientists, and that data, along with many tests and experiments with other gym-goers is how I developed and perfected the idea of weight lifting workout music.
We’ll dive more into some of the specifics in a later post, but until then be sure to download your FREE weight lifting song from what CHAMPIONS are labeling as the best workout music to work out to when lifting weights.

Download your FREE mp3 of some of the best workout music ever created for listening to while lifting weights by visiting right now, and be sure to Make Your NEXT Workout, Your BEST Workout!

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