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How to Repair Rattan Furniture Yourself

July 13, 2011 | Author: | Posted in DIY, Home and Family

Amid all sorts of obtainable furnishings in the marketplace, rattan furniture could be one of those typically seen in one’s living room. It’s just because rattan is recognized as a sturdy type of furnishings. Rattan is one of the most valuable material on furniture which can be mostly obtained from Indonesia. Even though rattan is a durable material, it tends to wear out over a long period of time. We can do repairs on it all by ourselves for as long as it’s damage is just minor. However, for more major damages that needs repair, we might want to seek an expert to do them instead to avoid further damage.

For us to repair rattan patio furniture by ourselves, we get the things we need ready. The essential tools needed are putty knife, dust mask, security goggles, and grit sandpaper in medium dimension, and gentle cloth. In addition to that, we’ll also need little latex paint roller, can of spray primer, and waterproof exterior paint. When all the required equipment is ready, then we can begin with wearing the safety goggles to protect our eyes, and dust mask over the mouth and nose to provide protection while fixing the rattan. Once we are well protected, then we could scrape the chipped areas on our rattan furniture by using the putty knife as a standard fix rattan furniture. Continue scraping until there is no longer loose of rattan.
Next, using the medium grit sandpaper, rub the chipped regions until it is sleek enough to touch. Once it is smooth enough and there aren’t any snags left, we move on to the next step. Dampen the soft cloth and apply it on the sanded surface. Clean the entire region with the cloth until there’s no dust left. Of course, it is a sort more difficult to make repairs on rattan garden home furniture. It’s because this type of furniture is an outside kind which may have encountered numerous weather changes and dust. Next, spray primer throughout of the home furniture piece. Just keep in mind to hold the spray primer 6 inches away from the home furniture.

We need to allow the primer to dry. It might take 24 hours to do so. When it’s currently completed then we could begin to spray our repaired rattan furniture with the paint. As exactly done with the spray primer, we have to hold the spray can a minimum of 6 inches away to get the desired result. When painting is completed, use the little latex paint roller to spread the paint into smaller places. Some rattan furniture have really small details, which is why it is essential to paint into the smaller spaces to make sure that the furniture is fully painted. After we are finished painting the restored rattan furniture, we have to let it dry for 24 hours.

We just must bear in mind a number of factors when repairing rattan furniture by ourselves. The very first thing is make sure that the entire surface area of our rattan furniture to be fixed is smooth to make sure that the paint adheres completely. Aside from that, make sure that there is good ventilation in the area where you are repairing to make sure you do not experience nausea while you work.

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