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Aromatherapy Skin Formulas For Summer Skin Care

July 18, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Scientists concerned with preventing radiation damage to our skin once considered natural carbon dioxide plant oil extracts as a protectant for the skin from strong UV rays. Thankfully we don’t need rockets for the tests!

A blend to protect your skin from the aging effects of the sun is very simply to do create an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hydrating formula that can limit the aging that the Sun’s ultraviolet light is known to do.

The important oils are the CO2 extracts of whole buckthorn berry, carrot root extract , German chamomile, German blue chamomile, chamomile, a CO2 extract of rosemary made specifically for its antioxidant properties and rose hip(which is both a base oil from the seed, and and a total extract from the fruit — we’ll be using both, but here we mean the one from the fruit). The reason these “carbon dioxide” distilled oils are so interesting is that they’re all very gentle, and won’t irritate the skin, or make your eyes tear, and are very rich in unique nutrients which may prevent, or at least slow the aging process that excessive sunlight can create.

Their gentleness allows them to be used in high concentrations in your recipes without the intense feeling steam distilled oils can cause. (Though you can still add these — just at much lower amounts). Each of these CO2 extracts contains a great natural balance of phytonutrients that that may halt 2 important skin aging processes: oxidation and inflammation.

Oxidation occurs when light rays knocks an electron from its orbit in a molecule. That molecule then becomes an “oxidative radical” and tries to steal electrons from other healthy molecules(this is a rather simple explanation, but does explain the process).

The bioflavinoids available in these CO2 oils stops this process by giving up an electron to the oxidative radical.A blend of antioxidants is useful, as the oxidative radicals themselves take different shapes, requiring different substances to properly quench them.

Inflammation is the other aspect of sun damage that is important to address. German chamomile CO2, and carrier oils such as Virgin Coconut and Tamanu are also known for their inflammation-reducing effectsas are the CO2 extracts, yet the chamomile may be the most effective.) It’s important to consider not just ANY carrier oil, but ones with known anti-inflammatory activity as well.

If finances limit your ability to buy several oils at once, even just a couple, used at slightly higher strength can be very helpful.

Apply these blends right after you’ve been in the sun, and again throughout the day if you like. You might apply these before being in the sun as well.

These are some formulas you might like to experiment with: To make each 1 fluid ounce, start with a base of 1/3rd each Virgin Coconut, Tamanu and Rosehip Seed Carrier Oils. Then blend with thirty-five drops of sea-buckthorn, carrot root, 7 drops of rosemary CO2 anti-oxidant extract, plus eleven German chamomile, German blue chamomile, chamomile.

You can also mix and match the oils listed — as what are called “supercritical CO2 extracts”, they will not burn or irritate the skin as some essential oils can, and have very potent therapeutic properties. These blends also are at least as good, if not better, than anything you’ll find in the store, and you can make enough to last all Summer long on a fairly limited budget.

Interested in learning more? Uncover more about the therapeutic effects of individual oils like carrot essential oil and cinnamon.

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